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I have cracked my itouch screen. What is the warranty for an itouch...someone please post the warranty!

Asked by darbygrl (3points) September 1st, 2009

I need the warranty plz!

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I am not sure, but i’m afraid there is no warranty for cracked screens when it’s done by your handling.

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OH MY FUCKEN GOD! How could you!?
Sorry but I’m afraid it’s not redeemable. Did you buy the warranty? How old is the iTouch? We need more details.

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Unless the screen is defective, you’re not going to be covered by a cracked screen.

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Sorry, Apple has an SOL policy on broken screens.

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It seems like you’re getting a warranty and insurance mixed up here. They’re not the same thing.

Warranty: Covers you from defects caused by manufacture. If your iPod unexpectedly stops working, Apple will repair or replace it for you. They do this for free because it’s their fault.

Insurance: Insurance will protect you from accidental damage, theft, loss, or other unfortunate outcomes. Apple don’t provide insurance. You need an insurance company here.

It is possible that your iPod touch is covered by your home contents insurance, if you have this type of cover. You may have to pay a small amount, but the insurance company will handle the repair or replacement.

Your other option is to take it to Apple for a repair. They can give you a quote for replacing the screen.

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Whenever you see the word “warranty”, think of it as a promise. You’ve bought an iPod from us, and we promise that it’ll work without fault for at least a year. If it stops working because we made a mistake, we’ll fix it for you.

A warranty is not insurance. If you break it, it’s not the company’s fault and they don’t need to spend their money giving you a replacement. That’s what insurance plans are for.

Good luck getting your iPod fixed though, and I hope this helped.

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Yeah, I scratched my iPhone screen and I’m going to have it replaced at a private repair shop. Warranty doesn’t cover scratches and cracks on the screen. It’s more about the system itself and defects with it.

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IT’S CALLED AN IPOD TOUCH. Sorry I just had to. Everyone calls it an iTouch.

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@rawrgrr It pissed me off too, but since nobody listened to me I decided to give them what they wanted.

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“iTouch” is a perfectly valid nickname for it.

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lol it sounds perverting though, “iTouch” I touch what? :P

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I got it earlier this summer. It came with my new mackbook pro does anyone know how much it would cost to replace the screen of my itouch? Cause it sounds like it won’t be under warranty. Yes I said itouch by the by. It only sounds perverted to preverted people. Please don’t post hate comments!!!

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@darbygrl I never posted anything about hating something. I’m no perv either.

It still might have the warranty they all come with, which is like a year. But I don’t think they will change it for you, i’m not sure of where you can get it fixed, though.

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Thanks for the reply but I wasn’t talking to you. I agree it is a funny name but I. Dnt like innapropriate comments. I am only in hs.

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Oh, sorry. I’m also in HS…

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I wish I could tell you how much it would cost, but I haven’t done it yet. It’s going to be a lot, though. Probably over $100.

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