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If and when you kiss people hello and goodbye, do you kiss them on the cheek or on the lips?

Asked by jca2 (16239points) August 10th, 2022

When I say “you,” I mean you, personally.

When and if you kiss platonic friends hello or goodbye, do you kiss them on the cheek or on the lips?

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I do not kiss people.

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I have kissed family members on the cheek. I don’t kiss friends. And the lips, that’s only for a romantic partner. :)

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I do not like kissing anyone but Mrs Squeeky,I greet people with a big hug.
And I say good by with a hug as well.

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I’m a hugging kind of guy too.

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Platonic always on the cheek. Something more, maybe on the lips. If they seemed game. But that was many years ago

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Cheeks or forehead, but mostly I don’t. These days I rarely shake hands.

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{HUGS} are almost automatic when meeting friends or family. Kisses on the cheek for certain close relatives and maybe a close friend in the heat of excitement like she just won the big stuffed bear at the fair. A kiss on the lips would only be my lover :)

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I kiss the air 6 inches away from their face. If I like them.

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Yes. Always. Even my grandkids.

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If we ever meet in person, please do not kiss me on the lips. Lips are for SO’s. In my family only people in romantic relationships kiss on the lips, and I like it like that.

Platonic friends and relatives a kiss on the cheek with the people who do that, and a hug with the people who do that. It varies by family member and region of the country and some other factors.

Side note: My husband thinks it is very weird to hug people you barely know. My friends in the midwest all hug, and he always says something to me when we see them.

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@JLeslie Uh oh, I’m definately a hugger. It’s an expression of caring, because trust me, we don’t do that with strangers. Men may just get an arm pat or back pat.

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@KNOWITALL They weren’t strangers, they were/are friends of mine.

I like to hug too, especially my close friends. I can kind of understand though. I remember when I was younger often times when out dancing the young men only asked to dance during a slow dance. I said no if it was a stranger or someone I barely knew. My friends all thought I was mean and horrible. I didn’t want to be in an embrace with some guy I didn’t know well.

We went to dinner two nights ago with friends we hadn’t seen in 20 years. We never were very close friends, we knew them through his work, but always really liked them. They immediately put out their arms for big hugs. I didn’t ask my husband what he thought.

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If it’s close family a kiss on the lips is okay. I don’t kiss friends. I’m usually okay with hugs, but if I don’t at all know you, I don’t want to be touched yet.

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