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Why are the most used and damaged roads the last to be repaired?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 month ago

The road I live on has a lot of residential traffic (even some big trucks) but needs so much repair or even replacement and never seems to get any attention. But the road workers are always repairing little side streets that nearly no one lives on and get very little traffic. Even worse is then later they come back and cut some hole in the newly done section of that little street and then seem to repair it again for no good reason. Why does this happen?

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Because they are so busy and highly used, it is difficult to find a good time (couple of days) to close the lanes, rip it up, and repave it.

It stands to reason. If it weren’t busy, they wouldn’t need to repave it.

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I also discovered that if it isn’t the main highway and no one reports it then it takes time before it will get fixed. I few years back I moved to a nice apartment that was all new and fantastic. Everything was great in our parking area, but the road we had to use to get out had developed some huge holes that made driving on them dangerous. One day a car traveling on it bounced in the hole and almost hit my car next to it. It didn’t belong to the apartment so I called the city and they gave me a number to report it. In less than a week they were out to fix it. I was surprised that they actually paved the whole road. Maybe you or an adult should report it.

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A lot people should get together and complain. Make a call, or if that doesn’t get you anywhere, make a petition and get some signatures. Send it to your local representative, your state department of transportation, or the county commissioner. If you make some calls first you might get information on plans to fix it, or why it hasn’t been fixed.

Stopping traffic on a busy road is very disruptive and probably more expensive. People will complain about the detours and lane changes if it isn’t done expeditiously.

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My city had a major intersection that was full of potholes and cracks. One of my friends had a little car and actually got her front wheels stuck in a pothole and had to be towed out. Anyway, they finally closed the entire intersection in all four directions and you had to find ways around. It was a pain – but it got fixed!

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^^ I’m sure we would hate the inconvenience also but to get our yucky road fixed we’d put up with it. I’d probably complain but be so happy when it was done :)

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I don’t find this to be true.

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It can be hard to repair roads which are used all the time because they have to find a time when know one it driving on it or find a time to close the road down which is pretty hard.

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