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What is the bitchinest beach you've ever been to?

Asked by Brian1946 (29799points) 1 month ago

Bitchin’ is an antiquated So Cal term for wonderful.

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Waikiki Beach.

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Gosh, my topics are missing, but not biggie, ‘cause topics don’t tan! ;p

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I think the beaches of Hawaii would be winners, but I’ve never been there. I thought the beach at Ipswich, Mass., was outstanding, and there was a great beach that I remember in Maine and one in Bermuda and one in Acapulco. I don’t know.

I’ll name Nantasket Beach in Hull, Mass., in the old days when Paragon Park was still there, an amusement park that was the most thrilling destination of my childhood. It’s still intact in my memory. Park in the morning, picnic on the beach, and then a bright, cold swim and hot sun in the afternoon. It probably wasn’t a bitchin beach, but I loved it the best.

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Throughout my entire life I only went to one beach. It was always crowded. I was more focused on the fun I had with my family rather than the scenery, because it was so crowded I could hardly enjoy the scenery.

All the beaches here look the same to me. I have yet to experience true bitchiness.

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Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

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This question reminded me of a hilarious moment when I was on a date with this wonderful Brazilian woman years ago. Her English was pretty great, but she was struggling with hearing/saying “beaches” vs. “bitches.” It was really funny for us both.

Anyways to answer the actual question, the most memorable beach experience I’ve had was at the Great Bay Beach along Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. At the time I was working for the airlines, so I could fly for free with a friend. It was still jeans weather in the US, so when we arrived, we were sweating and gross feeling from the travels and it had just finished a late afternoon tropical storm. We through on our bathing suits and dove out into the perfectly Caribbean blue water and there was a rainbow landing in the ocean that felt close enough to swim to—right as the sun was beginning to set. Totally bitchin’ beach moment.

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Phuket beach in Thailand and it’s topless. Whitsunday islands in the great coastal reef
of north-eastern Australia! The most breathtaking life changing beaches in the galaxy!

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Hapuna Beach in the South Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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I would say the superlative for ‘bitchin’” would be “the most bitchin’”.

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I don’t know the name, but it was on St. Maarten.
Clear water with pretty clear fish.

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Little Beach at Makena on Maui. And I agree with @Tropical_Willie, Poipu is idyllic.

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Carolina Beach. I even caught a small sand shark with a cheap little fishing pole off the pier. lol! I put it back of course.

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Long Beach in SW Washington state. At 28 miles, it is the longest stretch of unobstructed beach in the world.

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The six mile stretch of beach at Point Beach State Forest along Lake Michigan in northern Wisconsin. I just returned from a camping trip there. I left a piece of my heart.

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So I guess the most bitchin ass beach is the one you made great memories on.

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I would second Phuket beach in Thailand for the warm water and fine white sand that gently slopes down. Clean water and very gentle waves.

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@RocketGuy and all those topless German girls!!!

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@RocketGuy I realize my inappropriate comment… sorry.

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Like @WhyNow says – it’s the beach with the greatest memories! Has your name always been WhyNow? I could have sworn it was WhyNot!

Cape Canaveral National Seashore – east coast of Florida

Edisto State Park, S.C. – The beachfront at Edisto Island State Park is 1.5 miles of prime (uncrowded) sandy bliss, with everything you’re seeking from a memorable day at the beach.

Sanibel Island Beach – west coast of Florida

Playalinda Nude Beach – east coast of Florida

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^^ On the day we took a ferry to Ko Pi PI island the sea was restless and wavy.
So the beach was full, no water activities. So as I walked around I heard a
lot of German spoken and some french.

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^^ Interesting. Thailand must be a popular vacation spot. My nephew went there and enjoyed it immensely. What’s the native language? and has your name always been @WhyNow?

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The native language is Thai, but most locals in touristy areas speak English. Thailand is one country I’ve visited where they honestly want you to have a good time.

Pi Pi Island is one of the locations used in James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun.

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You will find a God in every golden cloister, and if you are lucky, then the God is a she.

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Perhaps said deity could be the lurve child of Hermes and Aphrodite- Hermaphrodite! ;-o

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@Brian1946 Alright young man, time out for you! lol

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That’s great @Brian1946!! Perfect!

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Hermaphrodite is a song by Stephen Lynch.

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