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Did you know Olivia Newton-John’s dad was an MI5 agent?

Asked by JLeslie (63059points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Her dad was an MI5 agent. This article tells a lot about his work during WWII and other famous people in her family including her grandfather who was a Nobel prize winning scientist who had been fired by Hitler himself, because he was Jewish. Luckily, Hitler wasn’t killing Jews yet, or we never would have had Olivia Newton John. Here’s the article:

I don’t know if Olivia identified as Jewish herself.

Here’s a video of Olivia talking a little about her family and other parts of her life including her cancer and the cancer center she helped create.

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Yes I did know all this.

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I read this in one of her obituaries.

The key point to take from this revelation is that having a parent in the MI5 does not make you an A-List actress or singer,

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I wonder if her family thought negatively about her wanting to be an actress when she was a young girl.

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She did have an amazing family. I never knew all of this, thanks :)

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I googled her yesterday and specifically googled what her religion was, and it said Christian.

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Practicing christian, but born Jewish according to Jewish law.


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^^Seems odd for the family to have such a close brush with Hitler and Nazi Germany and not have a stronger Jewish identity. I wonder if that was common in Australia. Was she raised Christian? I didn’t see that in the article. All those advertisements, maybe I scrolled passed it.

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Why are people so fascinated in facts about a person AFTER they die.
Let’s just let her and her family rest.
R.I.P Olivia

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@Forever_Free I don’t think they are fascinated only after someone dies, but when someone dies they are brought to our attention again and all of the memories associated with them come back.

As far as her family, probably that information has circulated many times, especially in the Jewish community. Just like the stories about how the Vulcan V Spock made with his hand was taken from Nimoy’s Jewish upbringing, and lists of celebrities who are Jewish or Jewish ties. It’s a thing we Jewish people do.

Especially, when Jewish actors tried to hide their Judaism, I guess we still knew. Maybe it’s similar to gay actors. Not only actors, also scientists, authors, song writers, etc.

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@elbanditoroso Yes, that’s why I googled her religion specifically. I saw that her mom’s side was Jewish, but I didn’t think I ever heard that she was Jewish.

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@JLeslie I am unsure of the point here. People are entitled to their privacy and second guessing or trying to tie mannerisms to who or what they are is profiling in a creepy way.
Why does everything have to be explained and not just accepted.
Just accept people for who they are no matter their background or origin.

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@Forever_Free I have no idea what you are talking about. What mannerisms?

@jca2 Thanks for looking it up. I did a quick Google and didn’t find it.

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@JLeslie: I just typed in “what religion was Olivia Newton John.”

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@jca2 I don’t know what I typed, but I kept getting the Jewish stories. Probably some sort of algorithm that Google does based on my prior searches. I didn’t spend much time on it, because it wasn’t a big deal to know. I figured she was Christian because of how the articles were worded.

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