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What would you have done in this situation (Read details)

Asked by janbb (60928points) 1 month ago

When leaving a local concert last night, my friend spotted a key ring on the sidewalk. He determined that the best idea was to give them to a policemen but when we didn’t see one around, he drove to the town police station and left them there. One option I saw and mentioned was to leave them where they were but on top of a fence post so the people could spot them when they came looking.

The finder was my friend’s boyfriend so I didn’t say anything after my first suggestion, figuring it was his decision.

Just curious as to which solution – or any other – you think would have been the most efficacious considering they were somebody’s car keys?

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Did the keyring have a remote control fob that would open a person’s door locks? If yes, I would have walked around the parking lot and tried to determine which car’s locks were opening (and the lights flashing), and waited for the person to come out in despair.

What was the concert?

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I think your idea was the best solution. If I lost my keys, I would be looking in the area I thought they might have been lost. I probably wouldn’t think of calling the police.
The only other option is to go to the ticket window and give it to them. This option only works if the concert is at a place that sells tickets, of course.

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In my recent experience, @chyna the box office (ticket window) is locked up tight after intermission.

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^Yeah, I thought that would be likely. So not a good idea.

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With gloves (usually one) and the like, I do as you’d do; leave it on a nearby signpost or traffic sign.
With stuff like wallets and keys I bring it to the police station (if there’s no giveaway on who it belongs to).

Some months ago I found a stuffed Peppa Pig, on a bicycle road.
That one I took home after which I tried some lost & found sites to see whether it was posted as lost.
To no avail.

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Because they are car keys, I would have done what he did, then posted in a couple of places where they were. A few years ago, my friend’s keys fell out of her pocket at a town fair event, then her car was stolen.

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@elbanditoroso No parking lot; no way to tell where the car was parked on local lots or the side streets.

The concert was a free one on the beach.

Posting on a local site that they’re at the police station is a good idea. I’ll do that.

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Local Police is always the best choice for keys.
Been there, done that.
How was the concert?

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@Forever_Free Lots of fun! Classic rock, good local band, dancing and singing along.

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Leave them at the ticket counter of the concert venue.

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@janbb hurrah!!! I just saw Santana and danced and sang the whole show

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@kritiper If you read the thread, you’ll see there was no ticket counter. Free concert on the beach.

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The venue’s lost and found is where I would have turned in the keys.

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^^ As mentioned above, no venue, no lost and found. Not an option.

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I’d probably keep them myself but leave a note at the spot (and/or better, at the beach bulletin board and/or other signage or conspicuous telephone pole), saying “LOST KEYS? Text 232–2323-2323” (or email yada@yada.yada), and let the concert venue (or if no venue, whoever the organizer was), police, local community web site, craigslist, etc. know.

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@janbb There must be a drink counter or food stand somewhere nearby. It’s the most logical place for someone to go looking for their keys.

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@kritiper, not necessarily. These kinds of things are often a “bring your own blanket and drinks and snacks” kinds of things. And she already said, a bunch of times, that it wasn’t like that.

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I found a wallet once in a Walmart parking lot. It had all her money, credit cards, license, everything. My mom turned it into the store’s service center, I just hope the lady got it all back. So turning it into the nearest venue connected with the concert would have been my best bet. I figured that they will be looking for it in the general place where they may think that they have lost it.

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