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What is your quirky/rare physical feature or odd ability?

Asked by RayaHope (4997points) 1 month ago

Mine is that my second toe is longer than my big toe. I was told I have Statue of Liberty feet. lol (please keep this clean) :)

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I also have second toes longer than big toes, so I do not consider that a quirk or rare feature.

I have a bump on the back of my head about even with cervical vertebrae 1. My girlfriend says it is where my smarts are stored.

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My second toe is longer, too. It supposedly means you’re bossy! Haha!

My only talent I will share is that I’m a speedreader.

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My rare physical feature (apparently) is that my second toe is shorter than my big toe.
Then again, my left nose is bigger than my right one.

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My dad, my son and I all have these bony bumps on the tops of our hands. Just big boned, I guess. Also, my brain hates not being stimulated.

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One of my breasts is bigger than the other two.

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Oh gosh…don’t get me started! I’ve had doctors say, “I’ve heard of that but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it,” several times.

Here’s one – There are tiny holes in front of your ears that are open when you’re in utero, called preauricular pits. On most people, they close up before birth. 1% of babies are born with them open, like mine were. The hole is connected to a sinus tract that should not be there. This tract or tube runs under the skin, and its path can either be short or long and complicated. After getting an abscess in one, I had surgery to remove them.

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I have a dimple on each hips. I think they are called hip dips? I don’t know how rare it is, but people always noticed then and pointed them out when I was younger. Now, I’m fatter, so they are less noticeable.

If your second toe is much longer you just can’t have a ballet career. Otherwise, it’s fine, and a lot of people have longer second toes.

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I have the ability to plug my nose inside my nose, no hands. I can swim underwater without getting water up my nose. Also I can block the smell of nasty diapers. That makes me a super hero IMO!

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@Dutchess_III The nose thing, is that different than just holding your breath? Most people I know don’t need to hold their nose. I only do it for my first dunk under if the water is cold.

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“Mine is that my second toe is longer than my big toe.”
”(please keep this clean)”

Are you asking us to maintain the cleanliness of your second toe? ;p

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“Are you asking us to maintain the cleanliness of your second toe? ;p”

As one of the OP’s most devoted foot servants, I’m sure you were already all-aboard for that! ;)

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It has nothing to do with holding my breath @JLeslie. I can still breathe.
And yes. While actively swimming I control the air pressure pushing against my nostrils to stop water from getting in.

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@Dutchess_III No water goes up my nose when I swim, dive, jump in, or do handstands. 95% of people swimming in the pool don’t hold their nose. I guess I don’t understand.

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^^^ You guys are killing me again. Maybe I should have seen this coming but I really didn’t. I love these answers even to silly ones :)

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Guess not @JLeslie.

Do you have deal with the smell of dirty diapers, or can you block it?

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@Dutchess_III So you can block out smells without holding your breath? That’s pretty cool!

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Oh! and I can make one eye look straight ahead while the other one looks at my nose; and can wiggle my ears without touching them. don’t know if either of those is unusual

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I can balance a chair on the tip of my finger.

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@smudges Those two sound unusual to me. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.

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@Dutchess_III I’m pretty good at dealing with smells. I can switch to just breathing through my mouth. It’s not completely blocked, but dampened quite a bit.

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Well aren’t we just a talented bunch?! We oughta go on TV as a group. 8^D

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Oh I don’t know. I did have a cardiologist once who swore and down that I had suffered a “silent” heart attack. After doing a zillion tests on me he said the “abnormality” on my cardiogram was actually normal for me , just a strange electrical quirk he called it. Some other experts also concurred. I guess I’m a freak of nature.What would be a sign of dangerous issues in other people is normal for me. Go figure.

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“I have the ability to plug my nose inside my nose, no hands. I can swim underwater without getting water up my nose. Also I can block the smell of nasty diapers.”

It seems to me that your ability to block odors is based on an ability to voluntarily deactivate your olfactory receptors, without physically obstructing your nasal passages.

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I’m physically obstructing my nasal passages @Brian1946. If I try to talk I sound like I have a really bad, really exaggerated cold.

It is pretty cool @smudges!

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I’m sorry, I’ve just been nosely following this nose odyssey and need to know more.

If you mean like hold your breath in your nose so you talk funny and don’t worry about nose water most of the time… well.. I guess I thought everyone could do that.

What happens when you go completely upside down? Can you hold off the water with only the strength of your nose muscles, no blowing? For me, the seal always blows and the air in my nose escapes, filling my nose with water.

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