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What are the best fitness web sites?

Asked by mj (5points) September 19th, 2008

I want to build a fitness plan for myself, just for general health and recreational sports.

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Fitness is best done away from the computer.

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I have heard good things about

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Theres alot of fitness websites you can see. I always use As a magazine subscriber, I use the website more than I read their magazines. Fitday is a good fitness website as well. But if you know what particular question you have I suggest google is still the best :)

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Sparkpeople hands and pecs down!!!!!! It has everything you need from exercise with videos to menu planning, teams you can join or create to calorie/exercise trackers and its FREE and always will be!....Gooch you are absolutely correct that fitness is best done away from the computer but a fitness site can give some people great motivation and support from others desiring a healthier lifestyle..

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@tanibear: Thanks for the SparkPeople reference… I’m setting up my profile now :-)

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Gyminee is also an awesome alternative. They integrate with twitter and stuff and will, hopefully soon, be compatible with GPS devices and other toys. Fitness + social networking is a great recipe!

How do you enjoy SparkPeople?

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Actually, I didn’t like it. I am pretty computer and web savvy, and found it very cumbersome to navigate through. Great concept, but lacking in execution. I also wished it had more mobile capabilities.

I’ll check out Gyminee now!

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Gyminee is lacking in mobile capabilities, and they need a good help section.. but they are still new and developing their platform. The people there are great and I get the sensation that the developers are listening.

Look me up there if you need any help, I’m using the same name as here.

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Body Daemon seems like a good option as well.

I have a ton of links if none of the above suggestions is to you liking.

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Gyminee has an iPhone platform… I haven’t accessed it. Like Spark, it is hard to document class workouts, some of which incorporate cardio, strength and streching. So it’s tough for me to track. I didn’t have a chance to check put the nutrition stuff yet.

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Yea.. I haven’t seen a place that is good for documenting class workouts. Well none that is in English at least. I don’t know how it would be added though since the workout done depends very much on the instructor. I’m thinking about getting a bodypulsemeter to check how much I burn in each session and then add the data to my custom exercises. Don’t know what to do with the strength aspect yet though..

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porn… feel the calories burn!

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