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How do I use the live chat feature on fluther?

Asked by Johndole (31points) September 19th, 2008
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Who do you want to chat with? If you want to leave a message for the moderators to see, you can always go to this chat room.

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Sorry I just read that you could do “Instant follow–up: Discuss questions in real–time with other online members.” I thought that was cool and I was wondering how it works?

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Go ahead, Ben.

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haa cool I get it, it’s actually like a forum meet chat

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ah. that’s this right here. you see how we are responding to you in real time? you can see me crafting a response right now if you are observing the thread. that’s what the “instant follow up” refers to :)

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If you’re in a question as someone writes an answer, you can see them composing, and the answers will come in live.

It looks like this.

Hang around for a bit, and you’re sure to see it.

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How about the bug that will push what my response off the page if 5 other people are crafting a response gets fixed. Keep mine at the top so I can see what I am typing. Now if a bunch of people respond I have to scroll down to se my text entry box.

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