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Can someone recommend a good pair of concert/musician earplugs?

Asked by Caravanfan (11803points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I am flying to England in October to be a roadie for Caravan and will be seeing a bunch of shows.

I have regular earplugs but I know there are musician earplugs out there. I tried Etymotics once but they were uncomfortable and made my ears itch.

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If I see some of my musician friends soon, I’ll ask them.

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I’d like to know too so I’m following. My only addition to the thread is at the race track we use earplugs AND head phones to cancel the noise, but it’s the “cheap” earplugs that you can buy a bunch at once. Although, even among those there are crappy ones and better ones. We like to use the ones on a string so we can have them around our neck when we take them out temporarily.

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Get some of those foam ones that you twist up then stick in your ears. They are sold at hardware stores.

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@kritiper I have foam earplugs. I’m interested in earplugs that have better sound fidelity transmission.

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@JLeslie At the racetrack you should have as much ear protection as you can. I’m interested in maintaining sound fidelity but just decreasing the decibels by 10 or 20

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I used hearos long ago when I still played in bands. They worked well then. They are not earplugs, they’re acoustic filters. I’m not even sure if they still make them. They were expensive and had replaceable sleeves.

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Cotton balls.

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@Blackwater_Park That’s what I’m looking for. Hearos are still made

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@Blackwater_Park I ordered a pair. I’ll see how they feel, thanks!

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@Caravanfan Can you post if you were happy with the Hearos?

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@JLeslie Ah, yes. I forgot. The hearos that were sent to me were small and I need medium. I need to return them and get the proper size. Thanks for reminding me.

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Oh, I didn’t even realize they come in sizes, but it makes sense.

I was in North Carolina for a month and realized my ears weren’t ringing. I don’t think they were anyway. Now, that I’m back in FL doing my zumba and going out dancing I have the noise in my ears again. I assume that’s the reason.

I wear earplugs fairly consistently, but not when I teach, and if I could get a set that doesn’t distort the music as much that would be good too.

Unfortunately, the last 6 months the music when I go out dancing has been much louder than before. Usually, I’m clocking it at 80–90 decibels with it going higher during various times in the song.

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