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How can I prevent the cable from my earplugs from breaking?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) August 3rd, 2008


The cable of my earplugs has broken again, and I’m tired of it. Does anyone know of any tricks to prevent this from happening?
And a way to fix it would be nice too :P

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It is a cheap and thin cable that gets twisted…thus needing to be replaced often. Put it in your yearly budget.

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or be really really careful with it (If you never take it out of the box it will probably last a bit longer)

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I have two “sets” of earphones-one for daily “all-purpose” use and abuse that I use for the gym, out and about, and another pair for “easy” listening-in a controlled environment or when I’m out doing leisurely things that are not strenuous.

On very expensive earphones, there is the ability to “swap out” the cabling and do plug-n-play replacement, but alas, on less expensive, more conventional earphones, this is all but impossible to do; I would look into earphones that have unconditional warranties, if you’re into high-end.

Otherwise, kick around with some cheapies, and treat your expensive ones kindly (including keeping them in a protective case when not in use.

BTW, here are two example pairs of inexpensive and semi-expensive earphones I use for reference; note that the more expensive pair comes from a company that provides a 1-year warranty:

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@gailcalled – that’s what I dislike :(. It’s not so much the cost, but having to go after new earbuds every year (or less) and be without music until I have new ones is so annoying.

@sndfreQ – I quite like that idea, I suppose I’ll be doing that then. Thanks!

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@V: Buy two sets at a time. I use mine for a CD player, which I use for insomnia. Sleeping pills would cost much more. And I often wake up in the morning half-strangled, which doesn’t increase the life-span of the cord.

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I am always on the lookout for my next pair of earbuds, just make it a habit to check the headphones area in electronics stores to see what is on sale. This paid off well when my neighborhood Circuit City closed last week.

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