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A Cool Way To Tie a Tie?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) September 19th, 2008

I have to wear a tie to work tonight and the only knot I know how to tie is your standard, boring knot. I’m looking to spice it up! And what’s this I see with leaving the top button of the shirt undone, and wearing the tie like that? And why is Fluther reformating my question into Pirate speak?

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Be a man. Wear a full windsor. Never undo the top button of your shirt when you wear a tie, just buy a shirt that fits, it’s not hard. (Unless it’s a tuxedo and the tie is bow tie, then after dinner you can undo the top stud and untie the tie and leave it around your neck).

Its speak like a pirate day.

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Reformat is there briefly to amuse you. It is now gone, thank heavens.

Can onlookers (who are probably worried about how THEY look) tell what kind of knot your are wearing? I sometimes try to remember, after I have been to a party or event what the other women were wearing. Sometimes it is difficult…half the time I can’t remember what I was wearing.

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