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What is the best and worst things about growing old?

Asked by RayaHope (5081points) 4 weeks ago

I would like to know what I may be in for.

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Best: Grandkids!!!

Worst: Watching your skills slowly abandon you.

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Best: Not doing what you don’t want to do

Worst: Knowing that most of your life is behind you

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Best: The knowledge and experience gained over the years.

Worst; Body failing ,arthritis, aches and pains not being able to do things you once had no trouble with.

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Best: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, memories, experience(s), skills/abilities

Worst: health problems, regrets, age discrimination

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Best: Serenity from learning to let go of things that are not necessary

Worst: Besides the decline in physical health, being completely invisible to anyone more than 20 years younger

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Best: The memories that were collected over the years (both good & bad).
Worst: Realizing that you abused your body way too much & now the body is laughing while saying “payback is hell” & then things start to fail at the damnedest times!!!

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Best: Freedom and peace of mind, no job to worry about bills etc,subsided rent, can do all the things that I never had time for.
Since I had lived this long I have many memories some committed to writing projects and Family history book.
Several ideas for a novel, still developing in the present. Engaged in online courses ( cheaper and faster Creative writing courses and lots more subjects.
I love learning new things.

I arrange my apartment as I like and surround myself with things, people and interest that uplift me.

I have choices this Fall to join the local Gym and I may do so,depending on my other projects ( timeline etc)

This is the best time of my life!

Wish that I had this much freedom to do the things that I always wanted to do, but at an earlier age..probably would had travelled the World, as I love meeting people from a variety of cultures.( fascinating).

Even though subsidized rent etc, surrounded by residents some much older and grumpy and angry that they didn’t take care of their health as best as they should had and now are feeling the results of those choices.

Bickering , gossipy neighbours of which I keep my distance from their negativity, just politely Hi and bye sort of conversation..short conversations, nothing personal. but I handle that by doing several interesting long term projects that engages me daily. If I want a variety of entertaining conversation I just talk with the vast number of Tourists that travel though here
( much like as if I travelled to their country).

It keeps me sane, and I manage well.

My advice:
Get involved in things that interest you and sustains your interest long term.

Start journalling ( or a diary) as one never knows in your future it become a fascinating novel

for the general public or just your descendants, either way it could enrich an others life down

the line.

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Well everything up to age 30 is survivable, so far.

After that I guess you’re supposed to start wearing velcro on your shoes, buying insurance, and bitching about the government.

Can’t wait o_0

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All, why am I happy and sad at the same time? Why do I have tears in my yes?

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Why do I have tears in my yes?
It’s called growing pains!!! ;-]

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The best thing for me is the ability to dump most responsibilities. The great bulk of them are now someone else’s problems. Probably the worst thing is to watch the lights wink out with ever increasing frequency. I was reviewing another obit just 10 minutes ago. It’s rather strange, because up until maybe 5 years ago, it was the visits to hospitals and nursing homes that seemed to steadily ramp up, but that slowed to almost nothing by the time those visits to the inmates rendered me fairly authoritative on local facilities. Funny, it hadn’t occurred to me how that routine has shifted to funerals and wakes. But the great joke the gods inflict on me through it all is the depressing realization on thoughts of my declining years with pinchpenny me enriching the florists. The struggle continues.

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Best: Accumulated knowledge/wisdom, freedom from expectations and financial stress.
Worst: Watching your loved ones die. Watching people change for the worse. Losing so many pets due to age.

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Old Shmold. Age is a state of mind. Doesn’t bother me a bit. And I don’t feel any different than I did forty years ago. Just keep on truckin’ until your number comes up. I enjoy having grands too, and the (as far as I can tell) fact that I managed to keep one woman reasonably content and happy for forty plus years. So I guess I can say I at least did something right. The only negative for me is my muscle loss, I was pretty buff in my youth. But the same thing happened to my dad in advanced age. So I just chalk that up to age or genetics, or both. Oh well, could be worse.

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Tough question. I can’t come up with an answer for either side. I’ll try, I guess.

Worst: The realization that all of that struggle has brought you to a place where there’s just devastating loss, emptiness, unfulfilled dreams, regrets, and more struggle. And the end to it all is approaching.

Best: Knowing that you’re closer to the end than the beginning.

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@hat I don’t know what to say, I wish you peace and hope you can find happiness in something in your life. I am struggling with all these answers because they are overwhelming me with emotions.

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@RayaHope The hardest part to understand is HOW I was as young & vibrant as you at 17 in what feels like just day before yesterday & today I do good to wake up every morning!!! I’m NOT complaining as I still ENJOY waking up…I just wish I could do it with the youth & vibrance that I so ENJOYED 55 years ago!!!

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@RayaHope Cheer up and don’t sweat us fogies. You’re in the spring time of your life so get out there and have some fun. By crackles, give ‘em what fer Raya!! I’ll be your old prospector sidekick, Gabby Tantrums! Dad burn whipper snappers!

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@Brian1946 Neil wrote that song at 26. He’s now 77 & I wonder how different it would be had he written it today??? I love most of his songs as he was my husband’s favorite artist & he used to sing a lot of them to me!!! :-)

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@RayaHope , @Nomore_Tantrums is correct. Instead of worrying about what is to come, ENJOY what you have going for you right now. That is what MAKES those good memories that I thrive on now!!! :-)

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@Nomore_Tantrums I’m trying to compose myself here and I don’t think I’m doing a good job. My heart is breaking and I can’t help it! I love you all so much.

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@RayaHope Losing friends from this site is pretty rough, too. And it happens fairly regularly. That’s the price of love/friendship.

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^^I don’t want that to EVER happen so NO that will NOT happen. Please

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That’s the price of love/friendship. That is better than to have NEVER loved them at all!!! They are NOT gone as long as you REMEMBER them!!!

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C’mon @RayaHope cheer up! You’re bumming me out tonight. If it’ll make you happy I’ll come back and haunt you as a poltergeist when I croak. You open your cabinet and all the coffee is gone, uh, that’d be moi.

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The best part about growing old, for me, so far is retirement. Yaayyy retirement! Yay pension system! Yay to having contribued to 403(b) while I worked, as well!

The worst part about growing old is knowing people, good friends and family who died and dreading having more good friends and family die. Seeing friends and family getting sick and knowing it’s going to be very upsetting when they pass is kind of dreadful, literally.

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@Nomore_Tantrums – You dad body dawg! You’re supposed to be MY sidekick!!

Do I have to I have to remind you how much I care about your wrinkled butt? Are you leaving me for a younger woman?!

YOU don’t want to see me jealous…

This is how elder abuse really starts.

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^^ Okay you guys this made me laugh :D I need to chill out a second and yes I am playing that video. Don’t worry be happy.. @JLoon Let’s share him I’ll take even days and you odd or maybe the other way around :)

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They’re ALL odd days!

Nomore_Tantrums's avatar This will have to get a laugh from you

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@Brian1946 Great artist, great tune, complete truth.

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@RayaHope – I apologize. Can I change my answer for “worst” to “am depressing and bum out some good young people who have a great life ahead of them”? Don’t listen to me. Kick some ass and live life.

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@JLoon I can be your side kick too! Hey Wild Loon, wait fer me! Was that Jingles or Frog Millhouse? The comedy relief was always interchangable ; ) As long as they wore beat up hats and raggedy clothes!

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Best- Not caring what other people think of you.

Worst- Seeing loved ones die before you.

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Best: Realising that nothing really matters.

Worst: Realising that nothing really matters.

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Best: Can have as many juice boxes as one wants
Bad: You can’t trust a fart to be dry.

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OMG, @RedDeerGuy1 I love you!!! You give me the BEST laughs at the MOST needed times!!!

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@LadyMarissa Thanks I love you too.

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