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Have you ever worn something uncomfortable just because it looked great on you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23031points) September 1st, 2022

This is for women, and men.
Is vanity worth being uncomfortable?

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High heel shoes come to mind for women, never met a woman who says she wears them because they are so comfortable.

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Yes I have, sometimes fashion just begs to be worn. Comfort is secondary.

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Of course most women have worn uncomfortable clothes. Especially in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We had to wear high heels and hose and suits to work if you worked in an office setting.

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Of course, all my life. The 90’s were rough!

Worth it? Not the heels but hoochie/clubbing clothes, yes. :)

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Some idiot thought it would be a great idea to make slicky slides out of metal and little girls all wore dresses in the 60’s and 70’s and always burned their little butts and thighs on slicky slides. That wasn’t just uncomfortable, but torture.

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Nope. I’ve worn uncomfortable things because I had to (a costume for a play, a pair of nice shoes that I didn’t realize were too tight until the day I had to wear them), but never for style. That said, I grew up in a time and place where Jordan Catallano—with his blue jeans and loose flannel—was the height of fashion for boys.

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Yeah, a jock strap. A pain in the balls, but. Oh wait, TMI.

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I am an amateur drag queen. I’ve worn heels, corsets, hot wigs, bras, and a gaff made to keep my man bits hidden.

And thick makeup.

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I disagree with the premise. If something is uncomfortable, it can’t look good on someone. Heels are a good example.

I’ve had to wear uncomfortable clothes that were costumes for jobs (dress shoes, a tie). These are embarrassingly silly and ridiculous looking, but required for jobs I have had in the past.

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Yes, many times. But not anymore. I’m older and wiser now. :)

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Because looks are everything.

So when I look good I feel good.


As soon as I can take everything off, usually.

And if I look really good that could happen soon.

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Not for a very long time, and even then, not often enough to please the haters.

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Yes. If I had the opportunity I would walk around in comfortable robes. I ware pants and a t-shirt when outside.

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No. I’m not a clothes horse. I wear what I need to as appropriate for what I am going or where I am going.

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Yes, and regretted it. I place comfort above fashion, although I do like to look nice and wear something attractive and appropriate. I quit the high heels many years ago. Some underwear, though: designed, it seems, to keep women in their place, even now today.

@chyna, don’t forget girdles.

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I’m sure all women have. It’s de riguer to wear high heels at a wedding. I’ve never worn spike heels, even when I was young, but I’ve never found any that were more than marginally comfortable.

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On a serious note, No!
If I am uncomfortable in what I am wearing, Then I am not at the highest level of looking great.
Looking great is an attitude as well.

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I have some beautiful Allen Edmonds dress shoes that I can only wear for a couple of hours. They would cost $300 or more new but I bought them at Nordstrom Rack for a lot less. Weddings and funerals only.

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^Allen Edmonds shoes are the best shoes made in America. I have 3 pairs. I can’t wear 2, because they’re too small. They are absolutely gorgeous shoes. I bought one pair used off Ebay and wear them into the office. Lots of good wear left in them.

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Compared to the gruesome tortures fashion inflicts on women, my complaints would be more in the nature of clothing as an inconvenience. And for this, it has to be the events demanding formal wear, the dreaded tuxedo. There was a time when such events were more or less routine and so frequent that I kept 2 setups on hand in sealed bags. You know, when you think of it, the infrastructure, expense and waste required to keep a peacock in the field is considerable. Again, those negatives are a joke compared to the warehouse requirements of the woman on the arm of a male fashion plate. These days, every once and a while, I will for some reason open one of those drawers to have the smell of cedar waft up while I stare at the litter of cufflinks or braces, garters, handkerchiefs, whatever. Like life itself, it’s all so silly. The dry cleaning bills alone were ridiculous.

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I look great in everything so this has never been a concern.

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Yes. Always better to look good than feel good.

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I grew a Burt Reynolds tache when I was 19, it tickled my nose but looked spunky.
Got rid…

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@eyesoreu Hi where you been? Growing another mustache. :)

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@RayaHope Nah, that look died at birth :D
I’ve been counting my vast wealth, took a while.

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^^ Care to share? ;} We can run away to Florida in two weeks and never return. But my mom will be with us also. haha

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Yes, my epidermis. ;)

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Yes. A skin tight long skirt. It was made out of wool or something and it really clung to me. I could only take a half step too.

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Sorta like Morticia Addams? ^^^^^ just kidding.

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Kind of! But it was grey.

One day my son came down the stairs in that skirt and full make up. It was “Dress as the opposite sex day” at school. He made a cute girl!

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Heels. Underwire bras. Lately I am thinking I have developed a nickel allergy as some of my sterling earrings make my ears itch, but still I have worn them until I get home. I have worn slightly itchy sweaters. I have worn contacts past the point that they were comfortable.

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@kruger_d I always thought you were a guy. I guess you could be a cross dresser? Don’t feel a need to answer.

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I have to admit I thought she was a guy as well, sorry about that.
Some people here thought I was a woman so mistakes do happen.

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@janbb No lol. I am female (she/her).

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@kruger_d I guess your username sounded male to me but it is so funny how we make these assumptions. I love to have my perceptions changed but I was startled when I read about your underwire bra discomfort!

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