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Why exactly did Berkshire Hathaway go up so much?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1396points) September 19th, 2008

I heard that Warren Buffet was buying and selling today but not much more than that, they had pretty much no loses when the stock market dropped so it can’t be because of that. I can’t really figure it out, perhaps someone else knows?

As a side note why do some o“f” m“y” words get substituted with apostrophes? That’s why I have those letters in quotations so they can actually say that word.

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Hmmm, now the words aren’t being altered, but it happened.

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It is “Speak like a Pirate Day” and the text you type initially in the box gets edited for pirate talk in “Live Preview,” but for your delectation only. After you click on “Answer,” the language reverts back to your own.

Re; Warren Buffet. He is considered to be the most successful and brilliant investor in the US. The drones (like me) follow him (like the Pied Piper) in bad or confusing times.

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