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Ugg size?

Asked by clairedete (331points) September 19th, 2008

if i normally wear a size 8 1/2 shoe should i buy a size 8 ugg boot or size 7? i hear you’re supposed to buy them small.

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I hear you’re supposed to not wear them at all.

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Sorry, I just really don’t like them. Actually I hate them.

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that’s okay. I understand completely. they are pretty ugly but I’m a hopeless trend follower. & need something to keep my pant legs dry through the chicago winter.

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I wear mine without socks, on advice of shoe store. They are amazingly warm even in deep snow. Unfortunately there is no size on them that I can find. (I love mine.) Here’s a tip from an ebay seller.
“For example:

~If you wear a half size get the smaller size. Which means if you wear a 8.5 be sure to purchase a size 8.~

I’ve found that, after buying a pair of Uggs, they’re almost a whole size too big. I wear a shoe size that can range from 7.5–9. As most women know, it depends on what kind of shoe it is, what socks you’re going to wear if any, and if your feet tend to swell or not.

I purchased a size 8 Ugg boot because I figured I’d wear socks with the boots. But found out that even with a thick sweat sock a size 8 boot was too big for my foot. So instead of buying an 8, I need to purchase a size 7.”

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@clair: Please don’t do it. Ugg boots are not really designed to get wet. I think (knowing Chicago winters as I do), you would be better off with a pair of Sorel boots. Look. Some of those are really pretty. AND your feet won’t be wet, and your boots won’t look like crap after one season. And if you’re wondering about warmth: If they are good enough for Antarctica (I’ve got mine on right now), they’re good enough for Chicago!

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@ gail – ha first google response? i found that too, i think that’s a pretty good description. thanks a lot, i think i’ll order small.

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Well, pin me on a wall and slap me silly, some of those Uggs are not so bad. I was thinking of the typical “Lindsay Lohan” style. But some of those look like they’d actually live up to some weather. But look at the Sorels, too. ;-) Look at this one. It is pretty.

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Les: The boots can be washed in warm soapy water, which should tell us something, I think. And I have owned mine for 3 years and have always had dry and toasty feet. But I will check out the Sorels. I am not in Antarctica, altho it feels like it sometimes, but have noticed that no one really cares what’s on your feet during the “weather” weather.

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@gail: I realize that now. After doing some research on them. I’m actually thinking while I’m down on this side of the world, I may go pick one pair up. So, shame on me for answering before I knew enough. You’re both right. They are pretty nice looking.

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And I just checked out the Sorels: they seem to have the same clodhopper look and appear to be equally up to the job. And sizing has gotten very persnickety. I wear styles that range from 9.5 to 11.

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I wouldn’t wear uggs out in the weather like that. Uggs + rain and snow = soggy, stinky uggs. I would personally recommend that you wear socks with them, they soak up your sweat very easily, the smell isn’t good!!

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I just bought a pair of Blowfish boots from and I love them! Plus they are wayyy more cute than uggz. I’m not sure how well they will do in the rain/snow though. I bought the knee-high not for $80 and I plan in getting the sneaker boot as well.

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I also looked at uggs on their website instead of on Lindsey Lohan’s feet, and I have to admit, as Les said, some of them were actually not ugly at all.

But here’s the thing. All of the ones with the word “classic” in the title were very uggly .

That should tell you something.

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Buy Uggs. They’re too popular.

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I wear a size 6.5 and I ordered pair of size 6 UGGS and they are too big…if I get another pair I will try the 5.

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