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Whatever happened to Salerno Butter Cookies!

Asked by ava (982points) September 19th, 2008

They were my absolute favorite, and now I can’t seem to find them anywhere!!!!!!

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they’re still on select shelves in chicago. there is no other taste like them. salerno butter cookies and milk or coffee? the best!

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Im from Chicago, but living in LA now. Is that the problem? Are they only available in certain parts of the US? If so…can you send me some?! I have been craving the mini ones daily now!

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Yep that’s the deal!

We have em here in WI, too.

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How could they do that?!!! Why would they want to deprive whole cities of such wonderful buttery tastiness?!

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You can order them, here

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Awesome job Jack!

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And I did it with one eye tied behind my back, too!

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I love all of you!

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<opens box>

Here’s a cookie for all of you! Enjoy!

<passes cups of cocoa>


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“Mommy?” “What is it dear?” “I wanna a Salerno butter cookie!” I miss those old jingles.

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Does anyone have the actual words and medley from the Salerno butter cookies jingle?

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Here it goes….Mommy? What is it dear? I want a Salerno butter cookie. Mommy, I heard you dear, Salerno cookie coming right up; you can lookie, lookie, lookie, but you’ll never find a cookie, like Salerno butter cookie.

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Ok, I have been reading your posts & now I’m upset. I’m originally a Chicago girl that moved to timbuktu (North Carolina). I had such a craving for Salerno Butter Cookies & I must have went up & down that cookie/cracker aisle about 6X before I asked not only another customer & employee. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for Salerno Butter Cookies. Now I know why…..either Chicago thing or midwestern thing. Now I am sad. : (
I ended up buying some cheap generic version…..yuk!

And I have had the same problem with Jay’s Potato Chips! And pizza…..Pizza Hut is the best we can do around here. I miss Chicago Style Pizza…..real pizza!

I think I’m going to be sad the rest of the day. : (

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..slight correction to the jingle:
“you can lookie lookie lookie but you’ll never find a cookie with a better butter batter than Salerno. Salerno butter Cookies.

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