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Are there stores, anywhere in the world, where meat costs less than veggies and fruits?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) October 22nd, 2023

Meat being:

Beef, pork, poultry, seafoods.

If you don’t know them answer from your experience.

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Saffron $45 to $55 an ounce.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans $65 to $120 a pound.

Burgundy black truffles $900 a pound

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@Tropical_Willie Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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Japanese Wagyu costs $120 to $300 per pound.

Sea urchin $16 a pound.

Beluga hybrid caviar: $249 per ounce, $3950 per pound.

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Vegetables as we know them being cheap and abundant is a relatively modern development. A century ago, this was not the case.

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I just bought chicken breast for $1.79/lb, drumsticks/thighs for $0.99/lb. Ribs for $1.99/lb. Boston Butt for $1.59/lb. Pork chops and white mushrooms also $2.99/lb. Apples were anywhere from $1.49 – $2.99/lb. Peppers were $2.99/lb. Haas Avocados are $2.50 each. Brussel sprouts $1.69/lb. Sweet onions $0.80/lb.

It really just depends on what meat and what produce. It also depends on fresh, frozen, or canned for produce.

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Are we measuring by weight or serving? I get chicken thighs and legs at a very good price. Also, sirloin has been very reasonable. I don’t remember what I am paying for pork now.

Fruit and veggies vary a lot. I’ve seen honeycrisp apples as high as $4.49lb. I won’t buy them at that price. I’ve seen 3lb of Halo mandarines for $7.99, also too expensive in my opinion. I wait till I find them cheaper.

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If you grow and or harvest your own meat it can be very inexpensive, but it depends on many variables.

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You can also go into the woods and “get” your meat very cheaply with a proper license and the right tools. People call it barbaric, but those animals are: 1. Over breeding because we humans removed their natural predators 2. Live a healthy, natural life 3. Are healthier for us to consume 4. Are not factory farmed which is barbaric.

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