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Does anyone have advice for me?

Asked by amarsoni25 (28points) 2 months ago

I am 13 and have a crush on someone in my school. From the looks of it, she has little to none interest in me. We talk sometimes, mostly for homework help. My twin sister does not like my crush. I think they have had some beef or whatever. My sister doesn’t know I like this girl, and to be honest I’m scared to tell her. My crush is always nice to me and I don’t see a reason NOT to like her. I want to sort of put out how I feel about her, but in a small way. Like a small simple flirt. How can I do that?

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You could just spend more time with her, always treat her well, slowly add mutual activities and topics, and try to naturally grow the relationship as a mutual thing you do together with her.

I’d start with, while you’re working on school stuff together as you already do, ask her a question about something unrelated, that she might be interested in.

Be open to it going another direction than just friends, but start with getting more friendly, and let it evolve however it does.

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