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What's the best fix you've ever made with duct tape?

Asked by Poser (7808points) September 20th, 2008

I just used it to fix a pair of jeans (several belt loops ripped off). What’s your best duct tape repair?

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At my sister’s wedding, my cousin popped her zipper in her formal dress. This was way before it became a popular fix, by the way. We were able to tape nearly the entire zipper back in and no one knew the better (except, of course, the repair committee).

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I’d say nothing compares to red green’s uses for duct tape.

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My best fix with duck tape is the repair I did on the Rockband petal.

I was rocking out on the drums a little too hard and I actually snapped the petal in half. Now since I had a houseful of people over this was pretty unacceptable so I went to work.

First I super-glued the petal back together Then I put a thin piece of cardboard down the entire top of the petal. On top that I put two thin butter knives and wrapped the whole thing in duct tape. It works like a charm and it’s two months later.

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I made a time machine using duct tape, pipe cleaners, an old aluminum lawn chair, and a car battery. Haven’t got it to work yet, though.

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Duct Tape is all that is responsible for holding my car door together. :)

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either using it to strap someone to a makeshift spineboard, or holding together a vehicle mounted thermal camera that got hit with an IED.

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I made flooring out or duct tape!

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This sounds really bad, but…I split my pants once.
Just patched it from the inside and no one noticed!
Maybe not the most creative, but definitely the most appreciated.

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Chuckorama: You really need to work on that time machine. When (notice I said when and not if) you get it working, you can go back in time and you and the Mrs. can go to your prom and win a college scholarship.
folks, please be sure to press the winners button and then enlarge at least some of them, really incredible!

I already have some ideas for the two of you!

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I’ll have to check it out at home. All I have with me right now is the iPhone and can’t see the picks on the winners page. :(

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make sure you show it to the Mrs. You know how I’d design hers. Yours is easy as well. Then you two can make up a dance, the AstroDuck

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I couldn’t afford anything in my first apartment. I found a couple of chairs that were about to be tossed by the people down the hall from me, they had no backs – the bottoms were iffy, at best. With a few rolls of duct tape, I had backs and bottoms (woven, too!) to my chairs!

had I known how much a 5 year old boy could do to a single piece of furniture, I would have saved them for his room! :)

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Shoes. They lasted long enough.

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@susanc – darn! I should have fixed a pair that way, too!

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