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What are some of the best shows to see in Las Vegas?

Asked by silverjwlz (50points) September 20th, 2008

I’m going on a trip to Las Vegas and I’m looking for some really good shows to possibly go see. Any kind would be helpful, but I’m also kind of looking for something maybe in the more adult genre (for my boyfriend…lol).


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I haven’t done much in the way of cabaret/adult/whatever, but An Evening at La Cage was hands down the most rip-roaring show I’ve seen there. If your guy is a manly man, he might not appreciate it.

Zumanity is good for heating things up before bedtime, though. Get gussied up for it. has all the shows listed with descriptions, but the ticket prices are a little cheaper if you buy direct from the venue.

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Cirque Du Soleil is strange, but a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of the Beatles, the LOVE show is amazing.

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I second Eambos. Even if you are just a casual fan of the Beatles you will “love” Cirque de Soleil’s Love.

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Second Cirque’s shows-haven’t seen Zumanity, but heard that it is pretty sensual.

My vote for sophistication and production values go to “O” and “Ka” which are technically and artistically astounding. Worth the price of admission in both cases.

As for other night life, anything on Industrial Parkway should suffice (if you’re into that kind of thing). Some of the night clubs at the resorts are pretty cool too (haven’t been to many of them). The Palms’ nightlife clubs (Playboy, Ghostbar, Rain), are pretty trendy and cool; Hard Rock Cafe is a more casual hangout too.

Forgot to mention that when I was researching entertainment in Vegas awhile back, I came across a cool website and forum/blog that was pretty useful for everything from shows, to dining, to entertainment and hotels…still use it too:

They may have more info on the clubs and shows you’re researching.

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i saw Mystere at Treasure Island. Mystere is a Cirque show, it was great. i think all Cirque shows are probably great. incredible acrobatics, costumes, etc.

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Also, if you can swing it, go to the Peppermill (the lounge side). It’s on the north end of the strip. Right out of the ‘80s (blue and pink neon and mirrors throughout) but still a cool place for couples. They have a web site.

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Any and all Cirque shows.

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No argument about Cirque. But let me be very surprising: Wayne Newton. It sounds uncool but he is a brilliant masterful showman. His voice is gone, someone else does the singing. But he’s fabulous. A phenomenon. I dare you.

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wayne newton probably has more money than god.

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I can’t stand that mobbed up, egotistical, sings like a girl a**hole.

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I felt exactly the same except for the “sings like a girl” part but
when my brother, who has a twisted sense of humor, insisted on taking me to see him, I thought he was fabulously funny and clever. Do you think it was the booze?

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