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Which is the better nightclub in Las Vegas?

Asked by silverjwlz (50points) September 20th, 2008

Which is the better nightclub in Las Vegas…Tao at the Venetian or Pure?

My boyfriend and I are going to Vegas and I’m looking for some things to do…any other suggestions would be helpful as well.


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When I was there, I attended the Lance Burton Magic Show and can definitely recommend it.

Also, Criss Angel, who is spectacular, if you enjoy being fooled by magicians.

Neither one is good enough to make the IRS disappear, although both have been asked (on numerous occasions), to do so.

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LOL…that’s great.

I did think about Criss Angel. Will definitely keep that in mind, thanks!

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I actually learned a magic trick from a famous magician, many years ago.

I won’t divulge exactly how it is done, but he taught me that I could sit down in front of a chocolate cake at the dinner table, and within 30 minutes, I could make all of it disappear.


Oh! Another thing he taught me, was that if you take 2 beautiful yellow bananas and place them in your closet for 3 weeks, when you open your closet again, you will find out that they have been magically replaced with black bananas. Isn’t that amazing?

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