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Who's on your "A-Team"?

Asked by janbb (62668points) October 17th, 2022

Just thinking of this as my younger son and I were celebrating my courage in getting a new phone and setting it up today. He is one of my big supporters as are two or three friends and my three cousins.

Who cheers you on and lifts you up the most in your circle?

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My husband

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My child, one local friend, and two friends that live far away that I have known forever. They are very patient with me.

And, come to think of it, there are some jellies who are very dear to me, who are in my corner.

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My sister, my beading group and my medication manager.

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My brother and a friend I’ve had from childhood. I would say there are a couple of jellies that champion me, also.

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My children, my best friend, a few jellies. My new boyfriend will be working into that group.

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My wife and dog.

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My dad, husband, sons and a few friends from high school.

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My kids, especially my son.

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My mom. I would be nothing without her help in my health struggle. My brother and little sister help also, but my mom is my HERO!

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My wife and daughter for sure.

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My sisters, my wife, my kids, and 3 close friends.

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Specifically my uncle and his wife, my cousins, my in-laws and a few good friends.

I felt it so much this year as my mom passed, I was shocked at the people who went out of their way to show me love.

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