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Why does rubbing your temples feel so good?

Asked by mprice78 (7points) September 20th, 2008

Scientifically speaking, what makes rubbing one’s temples so relaxing and enjoyable?

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I don’t know :/ there are a number of funny things I like to do (like push on my eyes when they’re closed, or press the corners of them going into my nose (near the tear ducts)) that I’m sure are not good for me but I like to do it. It’s funny, I have heard that if you get struck hard enough on your temple it could cause some severe damage (not to say getting struck anywhere is particularly nice) maybe it’s something to do with what it’s ‘made’ of. Wikipedia doesn’t uncover much, then again, I’m not a huge fan of biology, especially not the human body :)

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Massage therapy, acupuncture, etc include the various Chinese pressure points on the face. Here is one good site with diagrams. See pp.1–3 in particular.

I use the points on the side of the nose, near eyes, all the time. Push in gently and hold for c. 5”.

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