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Is egging someone's house for replacing the contents of Ferrero Rocher with brussel sprouts a thing that actually happens?

Asked by ragingloli (52069points) October 30th, 2022

And if the kids did it, could you nail them or their parents with a lawsuit or criminal charge for damaging private property?

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Houses get egged for no reason at all, so your hypothetical seems perfectly plausible.

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If it doesn’t acually happen it should.

And any charge for damaging private property gets an immediate countersuit from the kids – for inflicting severe emotional trauma & distress.

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That is brilliant! A dozen more eggs please.

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Oh, for sure. I’ve seen houses be egged just for the residents refusing to open the door.

Last year, as a Halloween prank, I made “cakepops”, a.k.a. Brussels sprouts covered with dark chocolate. My friends were appalled, but my husband happily ate them all.

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Sure. My neighbor dared to leave out apples one Halloween and that got him the old, breakfast-for-dinner. I’m sure brussel sprouts would elicit similar donations.

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@Smashley What a bummer. My kids love all of the candy. But are always excited when someone has something different to change up the pace.

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@raum – it’s true, though I think some element of the indignation was that kids assumed anything not in a store package, especially the highly symbolic apple, was probably poisoned. That there was a bowl of them out, rather than being handed out at the door, only confirmed our suspicions.

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