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Do you have any weird habits?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) September 20th, 2008

I always smoosh my toothpaste into my toothbrush.
Otherwise, I hate when I start brushing my teeth
and the glob just falls on one side of my mouth.

So inefficient!

This seems like such a generic question. Has it already been asked?
I used the search…but you know how that goes.

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Yes, I have what others might consider to be “weird” habits.

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JackA: I was debating whether or not I needed to add:
And if so, what are they?.

I think I just got my answer.

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Let me get back to you, with details, because some of my habits are so weird, that if I mentioned them, they might be

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I do the smooshing toothpaste thing, too! lol I never drink the last sip of ANY drink…. I’ve got this idea that it’s just saliva and, even though it’s my own, I don’t wanna swallow it. I carry 12–14 packs of gum in my purse so I always have a gamut of flavors to choose from depending on my mood. (I have a habit of chewing gum incessantly. I can’t function w/o it.) I ALWAYS have to have one small piece of chocolate before I’m able to sleep at night… always :)

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Slo: Whoa! Really?
Greetings, fellow toothpaste smoosher!

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I smoosh my toothpase, too, haha! I also can not drink the last sip of my drinks. Usually only bottled drinks, though.
I clean my ears habitually and by clean I mean stick a Q-tip in em for a little bit and thats it.
A lot of my weird habits are such habits that I can’t remember what I do.
Also, some of them are too embarassing even to share on Fluther!

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i twirl my hair, usually when i’m reading.

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I sort my candy according to colors. I try to make as many flavor combos as possible. I know this is weird, but I even do it with M&Ms.

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@jca: me to! I have this intricate and speedy all fingers in routine that my friends stare at in awe.

my wierdest habit? first thing I do when I get home, year round, I stick my head in the freezer and breathe deep. its heavenly.

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I eat almost every bit of an apple*, but I feel the need to leave the end of each chicken strip uneaten—as if it were the core of an apple.

*(a good apple, that is. I won’t touch a Red “Delicious”)

I won’t even begin listing my OCD tendencies… assuming that the chicken finger thing isn’t one. Too much to cover. And I would miss something..

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I break out in hives when I spot egregious misspelling or bad grammar. Or, commas, in, the, wrong, places.

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I am a major slob except for the insides of my kitchen cabinets and drawers. No one can touch my cheese, or I won’t eat it. I can’t share any dairy products at all – if you take a sip of my milk or a bite of my ice cream, it’s yours.

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@ gail, awesome.

I have a bad habit of pulling/picking extra thick, extra stubborn hairs out of my beard when i sit at the computer for too long.

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is it just me or has BriL been crafting a response for like, 7 hours? Either he’s left the window open, or he has a shitload of weird habits..!

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I won’t get out of bed if the time has a number 4 in the minutes. 4 sounds exactly the same as death in Cantonese. I just dont want to start the day with something related to death.

Besides, I have loopholes for my weirdness. I can get out of bed at 43 and 45. 3 sounds like Live and 5 sounds like No. So they cancel out with the 4.

Why just the minutes? I can’t wait in bed for the whole hour just because it is 4 am or pm. Now can’t I? yes, I do get up at 4am and 4pm

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I am just reading my post… I never thought anything weird about this until now! Especially in black and white! I don’t even think my 14 years partner knows about this!

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It makes me CRINGE to think people can hear me pee. I have to run the water when i go. even when I’m home alone. it makes me especially nervous in front of my boyfriend. I’m in college now & it’s horrible to think people can hear me all the time. Public restrooms are my mortal enemy.

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@ yannick – Actually my daughter was crying and I went to her aid and fell asleep.

But I do have a shitload of weird habits probably do to the fact I have OCD.

I have to be the last person in or out of the establishment from my party.

I have to walk on the same side of any object as my twin brother. For instance if we are walking down a side walk and a light post comes and he goes on the left side. I have to go on the left side to.

I have to arrange my food on my plate and eat it only in groups. One item at a time. Least favorite to most favorite.

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I can go about 1/2 a day before I feel compelled to run a Q-tip in my ear.

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ckinyc: isn’t that an OCD thing?

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@ckinyc: I have little habits like that.

Most pop up sporadically. The ones that stay are that I eat tic-tacs in even numbers on both sides, and if it’s an uneven number I crush in with my top and bottom front teeth.

And there are always 2 steps in every pavement slab. No more no less.

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asmonet: hello to another hair twirler! i think we’re a secret society (i only do it at home).

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@jca: Snaps! I’m loud and proud with it. I do it at work, while I’m driving in traffic, while I’m reading…..

I have a problem.

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i don’t do it when i’m out because it’s a habit that’s hard to stop, so i do it at home, and then when i take a shower and do my hair, i’m all done. by the way, welcome to fluther.

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@jca: Ah the many facets of the hair twirling community. :) By the way, thank you.

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I lived in Taiwan when I was a kid, and I encountered that superstition on multiple occasions. I remember having a really hard time convincing some shoe salespeople to sell me a size 4.

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@ asmonet. I don’t think I am ocd because that IS the only wired thing I do repeatedly. I think it started after my mom died a few years ago. Besides, I CAN get out of bed if I have to. I’ll just feel I brought myself a little bad luck. That’s all.

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@aidji. So did you have to ask them for a size bewteen 3 & 5 please? ;p

Oooh, I just got out of bed at 3:23pm WITHOUT looking at the time first! Lucky me!!

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@ck: I think you’re confusing me with jca above. She mentioned OCD, not I. Though yours does seem like it falls more into that category, OCD is sometimes triggered by trauma or stress (you mentioned it started after your mother passing.) OCD doesn’t prevent you from dong anything in mild cases, it simply leaves you with a ‘bad feeling’ or a persistent nagging feeling of ‘wrongness’ and it’s more like a very strong preference as opposed to full blown OCD which can prevent you from doing normal things, like getting out of bed.

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Ooo!! Another weird habit of mine is that when eating ice cream with chunks of anything in it, I eat only the chunks and none of the actual ice cream. For example, if I was eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I’d eat only the pieces of dough. I know it sounds wasteful, but I just can’t seem to eat the ice cream along with the chunks in it. My mom or sister usually eat what I leave behind.

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this is not really a weird habit, but when i’m in the car, i play the radio or the Sirius like a piano, pressing buttons constantly, always looking for a better song. i switch from hip hop to rock to 70’s pop to new wave, to classic hip hop,, press, press… car stereos usually last about a year because the buttons get worn out. i try not to do it but i can’t help it and i like the experience of riding in the car with a great song on, and so i constantly strive for a great one.

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@jca: In my circle of friends we refer to that as Music ADD. I notoriously do it with my iPod.

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i pick at my bellybutton every 20 minutes
i pluck the hairs out of my chin and in between my eyebrows
iscrach at the little bumps on my arms before i go to bed
i wet my toothbrush after i put the toothpaste on it
i keep my things in their respective pockets
i touch my teardot a lot to clear out the muck in the morning, but i do this all day too
the first thing i do when i get home, no matter what, is check the mail
between the ages of 5 and 16, i never used one staircase of my house. i always used the other one, and i would always make up excuses as to why i did this. i thought my parents wouldnt understand, because, to be honest, i didnt even understand. i mean, i didnt even touch that staircase or the carpet around it.

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@zack: About the tear ducts…I wouldn’t do that, it’s an excellent way to lose an eye.

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@asmonet: Creepy!

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Oh, I bite the insides of my cheeks.

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I pull on my beard. I also, despite how gross this sounds, have to smell most things I pick up.

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asmonet: i love that term “music ADD.” if there’s a cure for this, i don’t want it…....

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@jca: it’s an epidemic.

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you ain’t kidding, girlfriend, you ain’t kiddin.

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Since I was a little girl, I have alphabetized the signs I’ve seen when driving down the street. Not all of the words at once, but I have to put each word in correct order and then move on to the next word and I have to do it before I drive past the sign. This can be difficult when driving past the exit for “Valleyfair, Canterbury Park and Shakopee”, which all come up quickly.

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@ tscoyk – those are landmarks from my home state.

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