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How do you feel now that it seems there was no Republican red wave in the US 2022 mid-term elections?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27833points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Relieved? Happy? Incensed? Something else?

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Relieved. I’m breathing easier this morning.

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Worried that voters will go back to brunch. Even if Dems cling to the status quo in the House/Senate, they’re going to fight very hard to ensure they accomplish very little and the US public will become even more desperate, the environment will continue to degrade at a faster rate and the American electorate will once again start looking for an alternative to doing nothing. They’ll find an eager welcome from the psychopaths on the right and 2024 could be horrible.

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There’s enough of one that it looks like we’re going to have a divided Govt. That’s what I want. I’ve lived long enough to know that everytime either party controls all three legislative stops, the extremists come out of the woodwork and take control. Both parties work better when they lack full power. Sure, they tend to let problems fester, but at least they’re not actively creating new ones.

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It’s satisfying to see election deniers lose. Though they will probably deny their loss…

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It was very satisfying to hear Leslie Graham on the news saying “we did not get the red wave that we were hoping for.”

I’m happy.

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Thanks jellies! Guess this calls for, for me at least, a shot or two of scotch on the way home from work. I just feel pleasantly relieved.

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Very relieved.

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Chuck Todd and others speculated that it’s “The Trump Factor” which meant when Trump came out to stump for politicians, it inspired Dems to come out and vote.

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Woops, I meant Lindsey Graham not Leslie Graham.

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The reaction to overturning Roe V Wade is really a thing.

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No surprise here, so no strong feeling of joy or disappointment. When both parties suck, you just pick one and I think this is the result.

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I was amazed, frankly, but also relieved that Fetterman beat Oz in PA. I think Oz is such an asshole, and he made a statement recently about PA being located on the coast. He also has the residency issue. I’m glad we won’t be seeing Oz in the news, as a politician any time soon.

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I’m breathing a bit easier; however, I’m NOT ready to feel relieved as it’s too premature to let my guard down just yet!!!

@jca2 Don’t count Oz out just yet. They are trying to cancel some of Fetterman’s votes. I’m hoping it’s NOT enough to change anything, but you know how the deniers are!!!

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I just saw on the news, one hour ago, “Oz calls Fetterman to concede” @LadyMarissa.

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I’m relieved and it’s heartening that Trump sponsored candidates didn’t do so well.

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^^Would have been nice if Ryan got it not Vance.

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i hate that Vance had Trump stumping for him (and won) but at least Vance has a decent education, and hopefully a brain, unlike Herschel Walker.

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In case nobody’s noticed – there’s no “blue wave” either.

It’s up to independent voters keep all that garbage off the beach.

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@JLoon I think we all know that but the point is that all the pundits were predicting a Red Wave and that didn’t happen. No one was anticipating a Blue Wave. And the fact that the states passed many liberal agenda items such as codifying abortion rights and increasing voter access is good news for our democracy – whatever ultimately happens to Congress. (And no one was killed going to the polls.)

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@janbb – Okay.

And I’m glad that 5 states chose to protect women’s reproductive rights.

Five, just five. Is that how we pick winners in this game?

By those rules I think no one should be congratulating themselves on anything while 9 states still deny right to an abortion after six weeks, and 13 others have total bans in place.

On the wide range of other daily life issues that matter most to a majority of average citizens, Democrats failed as badly as Republicans.

Which is why my mantra is still : Your politics suck – no matter what they are.

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We’re still stuck with Abbot in Texas, so not much joy here. I did note that all of the major urban areas went Blue, so I take hope from that.

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@Entropy: “all three legislative stops”? What’s the third? Are you counting the executive branch as part of the legislature?

I thought this quote was quintessential Trump. I hope they include it in his obituary: “Well, I think if they win, I should get all the credit. If they lose, I should not be blamed at all,” Trump said in an interview with NewsNation.

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In Wisconsin:

Senate- Ron Johnson Republican Party

Mandela Barnes
Democratic Party

Tony Evers
Democratic Party

Tim Michels
Republican Party

Some 40k showed up for Evers but not Barnes. That’s concerning for me but I’m happy we kept our Democratic Governor in this red/purple state.

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I feel fairly neutral. Some states pulled out the blue, but others went red. My guess is Republicans are saying they did well. Each side probably makes it sound like they “won.”

It doesn’t change for me that the threat of extremists wanting to turn the US into a theocracy and allow the legislature to decide who wins elections are out there pushing hard for their goals. Those extremist have chosen the Republican Party as their home, because they get a decent amount of support there.

I’ll feel better when a couple of hundred Republican leaders say how horrific that is and that they would never go along with either type of initiative.

Edit: This reminds me of how so many Democrats felt relief when Biden was elected. Sure, it’s better than Trump having been elected, but did Trump or the WS threat disappear? No.

Think about Roe. How many people thought that would never be I returned? Why? The pro-life movement has been relentless since I can remember. These other extremists won’t stop.

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I’m just gonna leave this here…

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@JLoon I’m not focusing right now on picking winners and losers in this election. The fact that it wasn’t a landslide for crazies (in many cases) is what was most important to me. I feel like democracy was on the line and democracy, poor as it may still be, held.

Gridlock to me is preferable to fascism.

And the importance of some states, albeit only few, passing ballot initiatives codifying abortion rights is that it will make it almost impossible for the Republicans, even if they take both Houses, to pass a national abortion ban. (And by the way, some states, like New Jersey, had already protected abortion rights before the election.) Doing so would precipitate a Constitutional crisis it seems to me.

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Apprehensive. People committed to winning by any means necessary will most surely come up with other, possibly more disastrous plans to control the government.

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I wish Republicans wore thundershirts.

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The Republicans are in their cry closets, crying their eyes out.

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Red wave or blue wave I’m particularly glad there wasn’t an orange wave.

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@jca2 My friend just told me that she and her husband were in his urologist’s office and he was mumbling about election fraud.

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@janbb I’m surprised we haven’t heard more of that talk just yet. I think that chick in Arizona is likely to say that. They asked her if she will accept the election results, and she stated that she will “accept the election results if she wins.”

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@jca2 But they’re fine when the Republican candidate wins!

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