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Are ripped jeans a fashion statement?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22485points) November 18th, 2022

And if that’s true what kind a statement are the ones with very ripped knees sending?

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Yes, trendy.

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Yes,sure but what kind a message are the ones with very ripped knees sending??

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Think of the Back to the Future scene where he plays metal music at the prom.

Jeans were seen as rebel/poor people clothing at one point in history.

There’s a lot of leftover puritan values from the past, because parents and peers have passed them on. This is why people still think women should not sleep around while men are praised for doing the same thing.

Ripped jeans are basically saying “screw all your rules”.

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For several years now ripped jeans have been a thing. But nowadays the real horrors are for me the body piercings and extreme tattoos. Come to think of it, the piercings lately appear to be trending downward. My guess is that thanks to covid folks are probably hypersensitive about risks of infection.

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When I look at people with ripped jeans on, it makes me feel cold. Cold on their behalf. lol

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Yes, it’s because of fashion/trend. There was a ripped jeans trend when I was growing up too where people deliberately made rips and holes in perfectly good jeans. And then the trend went away…and now it’s back.

The look is meant to make you look rugged, as if you don’t spend all day sitting in your parents’ basement playing on your phone. You’re out there! Mountain climbing! Working the fields by a thresher! And so on!

Except the holes all look VERY fake, and often even have fake fabric under them so the person’s knees don’t get cold. It’s a very stupid trend by people who are vain…but want you to THINK they’re rugged.

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That trend is so yesterday! But like the low-hanging pants, people are hanging on to it.

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Punk roots for sure. It’s not quite hipster working-class appropriation, but it is a direct challenge to what is “sensible” or “looks good”. Typically these pants scream “I’m a fucking dirtbag, what are you gonna do about it?”

But real punks destroy jeans, they don’t buy them that way. That would be like getting a Prince Albert at Claire’s.

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Umm, like literally forever…

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I sure hope so.

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More frayed now than ripped but yes.

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Take the dam things back..They got holes in ‘em.

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