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We'll you be traveling for Thanksgiving this year or staying home and entertaining friends and family?

Asked by RayaHope (7020points) 2 months ago

We’re staying home. Traveled enough this year, so our door will be open for all who come over this year.

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Staying home. Friendsgiving is happening on the 25th and should be very fun. I’m not sure what we’re doing on the day itself, probably dinner with the neighbours?

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Staying home, just my daughter and me and the goofy pup, some movies, some fun food and maybe a little champagne.

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Travelling… about a half hour. My immediate family are all about a half hour away. Extended family is further, but we don’t tend to do thanksgiving with them, we do Xmas and a summer get together.

But you say your door is open to all. Can I get an address for GPS?

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@Entropy My mom just smacked my hand. (ouch!)

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Going out to a restaurant with friends and their family. Only 10 minutes away.

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I will traveling a relatively short distance to my parents’ house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. My sister and her husband will join us from SoCal, and my brother will fly in from North Carolina. Not sure who else will be able to be there, but the more, the better. :)

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Going to a friend’s house (her and her husband) for Thanksgiving. They live ten minutes away. I see them all the time anyway, about twice a week either at zumba or out dancing or something else.

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Hmmm…are those the only options?

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@smudges What do you propose?

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I will be traveling to my kitchen to make duck, a side dish or two, and dessert.

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Taking the family to Golden Corral, we have coupons.

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@RayaHope Well…and don’t get all maudlin and weepy…but I’ll be home alone; simply have no relatives except for a sister and 2 nephews about 800 miles away. Not sure what I’ll eat. Might order something from Honey-Baked Ham or Omaha Steaks. I just don’t do holidays anymore, but remember the good ones. :)

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@smudges, In that case, I’m sure your phone could go 800 miles and a little call is good for the soul. You can also come here and talk with all of us unless we are stuffing our faces or in the bathroom since we overdid it again. lol I won’t get all weepy (which I do have a habit of doing) and look on the positive side of things. Make the MOST of what you have and enjoy the crap out of it! that’s an order. ;)

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I will be staying home.

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My husband and I are recovering from Covid so we have no time or energy to prepare our traditional Thanksgiving meal. Every year our adult sons travel three hours north with their grandfather to stay for a couple days and my husband and I cook a large meal.

This year my father is staying home for health reasons and the rest of us will be dining out. We’ll be traveling 25 miles NW for a Thanksgiving buffet. It took me over an hour today to find something. Every place I called before was booked. I was in tears for a bit thinking I wouldn’t find us a warm meal.

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@Jonsblond I wish you and yours a speedy recovery and HOPE you can find a hot meal to celebrate. {{{HUGS}}}

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@RayaHope Thanks. Yes, my phone reaches that far. Skype is even better – feels like you’re there!

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