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Why does chocolate cake go best with milk?

Asked by janbb (62796points) November 18th, 2022

I usually hate milk and never drink it. But sometimes I buy a slice of chocolate cake from Wegman’s and really miss having milk to drink with it if I haven’t bought any milk.

What is it about the two together that is so rewarding? (And yes, this is a fluff question so have fun.)

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I’m guessing you had them together as a child? So, maybe there is nostalgia attached to it.

I think the milk cuts the richness of the chocolate and so the milk tastes and feels refreshing.

I never drink milk with chocolate cake, but I can understand the attraction. As a child I drank milk with chocolate chip cookies, and that was about it. Chocolate chip cookies and in cereal.

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Never had chocolate cake nor milk much as a child but I think your second paragraph is a large part of it.

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Ugh, I miss Wegman’s chocolate cake so much!!

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@Cupcake It’s really good, isn’t it?

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I love milk, so basically everything goes with it, but for some reason, especially sweets.

It took me years to wean myself off of whole milk, now I will only drink 1% or skim.

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Chocolate layer cake with mint chocolate frosting . . . extra cold milk.

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@smudges I also love milk. I must confess I also love chocolate cake. Maybe a little espresso in the icing. Yum!

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I think it may have something to do with the chemical makeup of the chocolate cake and complimenting milk. The cake is rich and heavy with sugar and fat. The mike has fat but being cold and liquidity with a somewhat “neutral” taste compared to the rich chocolate, tends to soften the cake and the combination just works for some people.

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I like chocolate cake and don’t need milk to go with.

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Flavor contrasts and combinations can be very effective, and chocolate and cream are a good example. Vanilla ice cream also goes well with chocolate cake.

With milk, it also washes your palate, resetting it for more cake.

Source: I happen to be eating cake with milk right now.

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Wegman’s Ultimate chocolate cake is fantastic! Almost hedonistic!
I’m sure Danny W. bakes it.

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I like it with fermented grape milk, but I’m thinking that’s not quite what you mean. :-/

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I used to love love love milk.
After Covid….not so much and I miss it so much.

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@Dutch It’s funny how things change.

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Not for me. Ever. I don’t drink milk. I’ll have a black coffee with me chocolate cake. THANKS.

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Some of these answers make me feel grateful for living in the dairy state. You don’t know what you’re missing!

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So many things are paired well with either of these things.

My chocolate cake pairing is usually in bed about 2 am

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I’m on the hunt for someone who sells raw milk. It is amazing.

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Brothers Dairy Inc 18205 112th Rd, Burden, KS 67019

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You’re awesome Willie!

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Chocolate cake and milk is so good and I don’t know why.

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And cold milk and warm brownies!

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Similar thing as a kid. Never liked drinking milk. But loved a glass of milk with brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

I think milk complements chocolate cake and cookies. Warm and cold. Fluffy or crumbly versus silky. Complexity of chocolate versus simplicity of milk.

This question is giving me cravings!

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