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How can I keep track of this Facebook profile?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23563points) November 18th, 2022

I am following this person who sculpts doll’s wits because I plan to order a wit from her. The thing is, this person doesn’t take random orders and only take orders from people at certain time. When she is open for orders, she will post on her profile and people will come to comment so that she can count how many people to do the work for, then she will disable comments and start to work and won’t be back for some months.

The problem is, it’s hard for me to know when she is available since it takes her months to post, and I have things in my life to tend to so I can’t go check her page every day. I have missed her order day multiple times now and I’m a bit frustrated. Is there a way to make FB show her latest post on the front page of my profile every time I go to FB so that I can be up to date? Or is there something that I can do to keep track of her?

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You can set it so she’s a favorite, Every time she posts, it will be priority in your feed.

You might also pm her and tell her how you really want to order from her but keep missing out. Ask her if she can pm you or call or email you next time she has something.

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@jca2 how can I set her to favorite?

And also I have expressed my desire to order from her for some time now. And she can understand me but she also has a lot of customers so she understandable can’t keep track of everyone personally. I want to focus more on setting things straight on my side.

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From “Account” go to “Settings and Privacy” and then go to “Feed.” In “Feed” you can set people and pages to favorites so they come up first in your feed.

Also, if you “like” and comment on her posts, that will make her come up first in your feed. Go to some of her posts and comment “I love the colors” or “this doll is incredible” or stuff like that, and FB will start posting her stuff first for you in the algorithm. .

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If you are following her, that’s all you do as far as I know. If she posts something it will come across your feed if your settings will allow it.

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