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What is your favorite Metallica song?

Asked by Jonsblond (7435points) 1 week ago from iPhone

As asked.

Asked in General. This means no haters allowed, within reason.

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“nothing else matters”.
Mostly because it is the only one I know.

What is your favourite Pennywise song?

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This is a tough question. I can trace the single moment my interest in music became something more than just casual. I owe that moment to Metallica. It’s 1988, I’m just turning 13 years old and I take my meager allowance and buy ”...and justice for all” on cassette because the best I can remember, the album cover looks cool. I pop it in my cheap walkman knock off and the opening fade in to “blackened” (the first song on the album) starts taking over my world. It’s different, it’s harmonious and then the guitars come in, heavy, rhythmic, pounding. Then they start talking about the end of the earth and that it’s our fault. I’m hooked This is no mainstream stuff I have listened to before. There is no compromise or bullshit here. That radio friendly stuff like Poison and Bon Jovi instantly got relegated into the crap category. On that day, I discovered what real music was and the horns have been up ever since, even 30 years later. BTW their best song is probably “for whom the bell tolls” but it’s hard to pick.

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I’m NOT a hater; however, with the way my life played out, I’m not a lover either!!! They fell into the time that I was a pure Country music freak. My Country phase was followed by a Blues phase, so I NEVER knew their music well enough to fall in love with anything that they performed. Occasionally, I hear something that I think “wow that’s good” & then I find out it’s Metallica. Couldn’t give you the name IF you offered me a million dollars!!! I’ve now heard enough of their stuff to understand why others like them; but, I have NO fond memories to attach to anything they ever did.

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I’m not very familiar with their music, but I do love “Enter Sandman” (obvious choice, I know) and I’ve always been impressed with the drummer (Lars??).

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I saw them in concert summer of 2022. Excellent concert and it was on my bucket list but I would definitely see them again, given the opportunity.

My favorite Metallica song is Seek and Destroy.

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Just one?! Here’s my 5:
1) Dyers Eve: Just…what a way to close a phenomenal album. A technical anti-natalist thrashing.
2) Orion: I love all of their instrumentals, but Orion hits the hardest. If you ever get the chance, definitely listen to this while looking at the stars on a clear night.
3) The Four Horsemen: I love the Sweet Home Alabama-rip off breakdown in the middle
4) Harvester of Sorrow: Probably the heaviest song they’ve ever made
5) Creeping Death: It’s the perfect Metallica song. You have a great solo, the “DIE!” chant, brutal lyrics about Moses…what’s not to love?

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I love all your answers! Thank you! I’m busy with Thanksgiving preparations but I promise to come back and respond to everyone. :)

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@Blackwater_Park I was 17 in 1988. When I was 13 Ride the Lightning came out. That was when I fell for them. We were the same age when we both took a liking to them.

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The Call of Ktulu (Copenhagen, Denmark – February 9, 2017)

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One, super powerful and evokes strong visuals and emotions.

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I Hate Lovecraft is mine. ;)

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