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Have you ever heard a weather forecast of 100% chance of rain?

Asked by LostInParadise (30429points) 1 month ago

I heard this for the first time this week. Tuesday was sunny, but the weather forecaster said that the forecast for Wednesday was 100% chance of rain. Sure enough, it rained on Wednesday from morning to early evening. Then on Thursday it was sunny again.

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All the time here, generally a day or two out and you can usually see the rain coming on the radar.

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Yes…I live in the southeast & it is fairly normal to hear such a forecast & they are often correct!!!

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Yes! Quite frequently.

If the approaching front is large enough in width, then even if it swerves a little, it’s not going to miss. And if it’s deep enough, then even if it slows or accelerates, it will rain on that particular day. So 100% chance. I live a little inland in the mid-atlantic, so everytime a hurricane or tropical storm comes up the coast, it often covers a HUUUUGE swatch of territory and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to rain. The only question is how hard and how long.

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Frequently. Remember that 100% chance doesn’t mean it will rain. It means that the atmospheric conditions (temp, humidity) match the historical record that has previously led to rain.

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Last time was a tropical storm that covered several hundred miles.

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Yeah sure, then it would end up being sunny. So I’m not complaining.

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LOL yes, having lived in rainy places most of my life, where that’s pretty common.

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Often. Nothing unusual.

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Lots of times here in South Florida.

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I haven’t seen a forecast here giving a 100% chance of rain. The most the weather service will commit to is a greater than 95% chance of rain and the least is a less than 5% chance.

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I heard somewhere that weathermen give a higher probability of inclement weather than they actually calculate, due to people’s shaky concept of probability. If there is a 10% chance of rain and 10% is forecasted then people tend to get upset when it is one of those one in ten days that it rains. Still, if you say 100% chance of rain, you have to be pretty certain that it is going to rain.

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Yes. This is not uncommon and they’re not wrong with the forecast when this happens.

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I get 100% chance usually in April or early summer.

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Usually when it’s raining…lol.

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Yes. We get that here in Maryland. Usually during the summer

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