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Who is ready for the new fall line up?

Asked by Mugsie (296points) September 21st, 2008

I am so ready. I have my TiVo and DVR all programmed.
There is only one new show this season I am looking forward to ~
The Mentalist.
Do you have a lot of shows you like or is it just one or two? I have so many, that I will tape a whole season of a show or two and leave it for the end of the season or summer time to watch it.
I cannot wait!

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I have a ton I’m waiting for:
#1 is Dexter
Without A Trace
Criminal Minds

I get so bored watching reruns. I’m excited! Just wish there was another Seinfeld or
Raymond comedy type show. Comedies—the kind that make you laugh out loud, seem to be a bit lacking. I refuse to watch Two and 1.2 Men, cause I detest Charlie Sheen.

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I am looking forward to checking out these new shows: My Own Worst Enemy, The Mentalist, Fringe and Eleventh Hour.

@dd: who do you think died in Criminal Minds at the end of last season?!

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I’m ready, I’ve been waiting mostly for Dexter, CSI and Without A Trace. I never miss these shows. Some of the newer ones look very interesting too. I am tired with some of the old, and am patiently awating for some of the new shows.

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Thank heavens there is not yet another new Law and Order series. I actually watch several of them, including the CSIs…...but enough already!

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@deaddolly ~ how about Samatha Who? I think it is pretty funny!

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@Snoopy…agree…I never did get into CSI Miami or New York…if Grissom isn’t in it…I’m not watching it…:) Law and Order I watch when nothing else is on….tired of it too.

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I second that! No Grissom no me!

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Without A Trace ~ who will be gone? I can’t wait to find out. I just can’t stand when a main character leaves.

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@Mugsie, don’t know, but if it’s Jack…I won’t be watching it anymore…This is CSI’s last season I think…William Peterson is throwing in the towel and moving on. sniff, I like that bowlegged, bug loving guy.

I think Warrick will be okay. Maybe it’s just like that Dallas show…where they kill JR, but JR never died.

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OH NO, not them too! This is ER’s last year too.

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What about Warrick! OMGoodness, what a scene!

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One word…...LOST

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my shows for this fall – House, How I Met Your Mother, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice…can’t wait of course. I don’t watch much TV in the summer, but when classes start back up and life just becomes studying one organism’s anatomy after another, tv shows work as good relaxers.

I am curious about the new shows. Is anyone watching Fringe? or any new show that seems to be promising? And what do you think about it?

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@PnL, I watched the first pilot of it….it was very good….I’ll be watching the next coming episodes to see if it will be one of the ones I watch on a regular basis.

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HOUSE! So glad it’s back. Also can’t wait for 24…it’s been way too long. I’ve watched Fringe, it has some promise. Like TruBlood, too.

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Loving Fringe and the new vampire show on HBO, which I can’t think of the name of at the moment.
Glad House and The Sarah Connor Chronicles are back.
Waiting for: Heroes, Lost, Big Love, Chuck

Oh TruBlood. Thanks augustlan

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I watch a ridiculous amount of TV. Someone at Entertainment Weekly used the terms “eye TV” and “ear TV,” though. Eye TV is the stuff that you really watch and pay attention to. Ear TV is the stuff you have on for background noise while you’re folding the laundry, and you don’t always wait for commercial breaks to go to the bathroom.

My eye TV: Chuck, Heroes, House, Pushing Daisies, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, CSI, Project Runway

My ear TV: Cold Case, Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace, Private Practice, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Ghost Hunters, L&O: Criminal Intent.

I’m also giving The Mentalist a shot. I kind of adore Simon Baker, so I suspect it’ll end up as eye TV for me.

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@MacBean That is so true. I have a lot of ear TV. Mostly Law & Orders and CSIs.

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Let’s see:

*Pushing Daisies
*The Hills <sighs…how did i get into this one>
For my husband it’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles

And for all it’s HD HGTV and new stuff on Food & Green!

Way to much emphasis on TV here—we’re boobs!

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Boston Legal
The Amazing Race
The Office
I am interested in The Menatlist

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@TrenchantWit ~ Absolutelyyy!!! I’m just sad that we have to wait until the new year to see any new episodes!!

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Here goes ~ all are eye TV!

Monday ~ CSI Miami
Tuesday ~ House, NCIS< Mentalist, Law and Order SVU, Without A Trace
Wednesday ~ Bones, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, CSI NY
Thursday ~ Survivor, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, ER
Friday ~ Numb3rs
Saturday ~ oooooooooooooooooooooh no there is nothing on Saturday LOL!
Sunday ~ Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters

I think that’s it LOL….....I really do <3 my shows!

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I forgot Two and a Half Men & Samatha Who!

Thank heavens for TiVo & my DVR!

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@ mugsie Never watched Samantha Who? I’ll give it a shot. They new one ‘worst week’ is supposed to be good.

And I agree—CSI without Grissom wouldn’t do.

I’m counting down to Dexter…

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House MD, Greys Anatomy, Desprate housewives and of cousre Heros

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I do all those too except Heros, and many, many more! Last night DM was AWESOME!

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@Mugsie – what’s DM?

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