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What is the one food that gets you every time?

Asked by McBean (1703points) September 21st, 2008

When you’re not particularly hungry, or are even already full, what is it that will make you say, “Well… maybe just one bite.” Brownies? Hot, fresh baked bread? Caviar? Homemade ice cream? Peanut M&Ms? Perfect french fries? What is the food item or food group that tempts you the most?

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Plain cheesecake! Oh, or Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with little heads of broccoli! Oh or Creamed Spinach! Or Pistachios! Or….

Aw hell. I love it all.

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Fresh-from-the-Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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Mmmmm… cookies.

Salty things get me. Chips, popcorn, sunflower seeds.

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Chocolate caramel shortbread

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Cheese! There’s always room for cheese….

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Chocolate. Though not so much, lately…

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cookies and cream ice cream. If its ib the fridge and there’s a spoon handy, it doesn’t last long with me around… :D

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Hi McBean!
Anything homemade of course!
But if there is nothing homemade and I just wants something I go for cereal!
Big cereal junkie here! Anytime of the day, and it is so easy and quick!
Mugsie ~ 7:00 AM

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Chocolate, anything that remotely looks like it….Chocolate for sure!

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@srapnsc: might not always be such a good idea to eat anything that remotely looks like chocolate…..

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@wildflower…I think I know what your referring too…I HIGHLY doubt that would be on the menu on a person’s table or restaraunt. Plus, I seem to be a bit on the obsessive side, if I didn’t fix it…it gets a couple of sniffs !!!!!!!

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Pizza. Gets me everytime.

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Strange as it might seem, a perfect Gazpacho does it for me. It is so time consuming. Finding all of the correct and fresh ingredients. The chopping. The waiting. The adding of the right ingredient at the right time. The waiting. The beautiful glass bowl. The ladle. And then, the pouring into my dish. Sensual. Delicious. Tomatoes alive. Cucumbers bursting. Garlic tainting my breath. Onions crunch. Ahhh…earthly delights.

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Pop that cold soup in the microwave and I might join you.

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Astro ~ pizza is a given in this house! My new latest fave is pizza crust dipped into ranch dressing, I like it so much I don’t even eat the pizza LOL!
Mugsie ~ 12:30 PM

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Fresh local corn. No butter, no salt, slightly steamed.

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I love lots of different foods, but can resist almost all of them if I’m not hungry. The one exception: McDonald’s french fries. Especially the perfect, crispy, translucent ones…mmmm.

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@augustian: PLUS, you can always say. “Oh, I’ll just have one…”

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@JA: Do you actually like the cookies when they’re hot – while they’re still super soft and before they have the chance to cool and get a little chewy? Or is it the yummy aroma that grabs you?

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@wildflower: I’m with you on the cheese. Dammit.

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*Fried Eggplant w/Marinara—YUM!

*Hot cherry or apple pie

*Warm cookies

*Cream of broccoli soup or beer cheese soup

Oh, no wonder I need to jog to work off the weight! Ugh! It’s all good and tempting around here.

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@McBean: The fresh-from-the-oven aroma of Toll House Cookies grabs me, and is irresistible.

Sort of like a naked woman

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I think any homemade dessert smell is orgasmic!

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Please invite me over, the next time your dessert gives you an orgasm…

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The funny thing is I have to go out of the house and than come back in to really enjoy that smell. And boy there is nothing on this earth better, except a new baby smell!

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carbs: bread, cake, potatoes, pasta…I can eat it any time of day in mass quantities..I never get tired of it and wish I would. this food is the most difficult for me to walk away from.

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@XrayGirl: I hear you on the carbs! One of my mixed blessings is that I’ve had to give up eating wheat and wheat products. BOO-HOO!!! But, there’s not much to binge on now. If I had to give up dairy, I’d probably turn into a toothpick.

@SpatzieLover: Hey!!! Long time no see!

@Mugsie: I remember, as a child, craving huge “Jethro-sized” bowls of cereal. And doesn’t it always seem like the last bite is the best…making a second bowl almost mandatory!

@JA: Are you saying you like your naked women hot, soft, and fresh? Hopefully, not just out of the oven!

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@McBean ~ you are so right! I don’t think I have ever had just one bowl in my whole like!

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@McBean: I always enjoy a hot, fresh, warm and soft, naked lady. Preferably, one over age 40.

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There’s always room for Jello. I will never turn down orange Jell-o with mandarin orange segments in it. I used to use tangarine flavor. It had just a little extra zip, but I can’t get that kind any more.

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