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What is the name of this English pancake like scone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24356points) December 4th, 2022

Is a half pancake with holes in the top. It comes in packs of six.

As a child I would melt butter or peanut butter on top.

Please tell me the name?

I cooked them in the toaster or microwave.

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I called around my city and a helpful person answered. It is a crumpet.

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You got it.

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I ordered some English crumpets once from, I think, Vermont Country Store, whose treats
I usually love. The package they came in showed that they were made at a bakery somewhere near me in California, They were not improved by two trips across the country.

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RedDeerGuy1 is perfectly correct.

I am British and I often have a couple of crumpets for my tea.

You can use several different toppings, whatever you may like. I often use Dairylea processed cheese or jam on the top of mine.

There is nothing better than drowning the crumpet in butter and seeing this drip out of the bottom when you bite into it.

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