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Will you join me in thanking Donald Trump for contributing to Warnock's reelection in Georgia?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33157points) December 6th, 2022

Without Trump, Herschel Walker wouldn’t have been pushed to run, the Republicans would have had a better candidate, and might well have beaten Warnock.

Is this another nail in the Trump coffin?

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Fuck Trump. Fuck him for legitimizing hate. Fuck him for giving homophobia a national stage. Fuck him for making racism a cause celebre. Fuck him for his tax cut. Fuck him for legitimizing violence. Fuck him for opening the gates of electoral hell. Fuck him.

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Too bad he and Ye didn’t endorse Kemp for governor.

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Yuppers, hope Giuliani and Trump do many years in jail !

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Trump made the world a meaner place. We can’t forget him fast enough.

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I know it’s easy to hate the guy, but I’m legitimately sad this happened. I can’t even be mad anymore.

Poor white people got brainwashed so hard and we’re dealing with the backlash from a subjugated majority.

Growing up as a black person around poor white people, I saw this coming from a mile away.

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@Blackberry, “glad this happened” – which thing? and saw which thing coming? Not Warnock vs. Walker, right?

I can feel your empathy for the deceived multitudes. Do you think they really had any choice? And what about the nonpoor white people? Which is the subjugated majority?

I guess I’m really asking if you would elaborate on your answer a little bit and specify what you’re referring to, to help some of us understand a little better.

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Sorry, I meant to quote you correctly – “sad this happened.”

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Yea no problem.
It’s not specifically about Georgia, but all the myriad steps that led to this stuff happening with Trump being elected and domestic terrorism rising.

I was just guessing, but I’m assuming most Americans are lower to middle class white people because they’re the majority. I could be wrong I simply don’t actually know.

I grew up seeing a lot of rhetoric about how our current American economic system is the best and there’s no need to question it, yet there was still a noticeable difference in the way people lived versus what was perceived via media etc.

People that appeared to be successful in 2004 have way different lives now regardless of race and not in a good way.

Trump appeared to be different than the usual “educated elite” and people actually told me “He’s actually funny, I can’t believe he says all that stuff!” Which was enough for people to vote for him.

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The midterms and Walker in particular are embarrassing vindications on McConnell’s outspoken fears over the “quality” of this year’s crop of GOP candidates. I mean for even the most rigidly partisan of us, there is some minimum standard of acceptability beyond party affiliation. When it comes to Walker, there was not a single clip of the man speaking on whatever topic that I did not find painful to sit through. I mean you can’t even laugh at the man. That’s how bad it is. My reflex is to simply shake my head and shift my gaze from the screen to look down at the floor. It is so bad that laughing is akin to poking fun at the disabled. You gotta ask exactly what conclusions should be drawn when one of the 2 viable political parties endorses and promotes visible rampant stupidity as virtuous and indispensable?

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I know your question is somewhat tongue in cheek but Trump’s contribution to American politics has been entirely self-serving and malign and I don’t thank him for any of it. My heartfelt thanks go to Raphael Warnock instead. He seems a decent guy.

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We should show some sympathy to Walker. For example, he said that he does not know what pronouns are. We could set up a meeting between Walker and some fourth graders to explain what pronouns are, how they are used, and how to use a dictionary or computer to find the definition of a word.

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It would be similar to thanking Adolf Hitler for killing Adolf Hitler, and paving the way for Nazi Germany’s surrender.
You would not be in this situation without him in the first place.

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… Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat (nice)
Please do put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny, a ha-penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha-penny then God bless you (good)

Fuck Trump. He is everything that is wrong. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

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It should not have even been that close of a race. People didn’t even care that Walker was totally unqualified, just that he was a Republican. Our politicians that endorsed him should be ashamed of themselves.
And fuck trump.

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@chyna How is Walker unqualified? Warnock was elected to senate in 2021 before that he was a career pastor, peddling bullshit every Sunday in church.

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He knows nothing about the office. He can’t complete full sentences.
Asked if he believes there should be new gun laws: “What I like to do is see it and everything and stuff.”
He doesn’t remember how many children he has, so how is he to remember where he is supposed to be at any given moment.
He’s a liar. He lied about owning a chicken processing plant that employee hundreds of people. The company lists 8 employees.
I’m sure you can google his information and find that he has not done anything in his life to be qualified to run for a public office.

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I am very happy that Herschel Walker will go his merry way and hopefully we will never have to hear from him again.

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Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats.

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@chyna When you say “He”, you are referring to Biden. Right? HA!

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Says the one who will vote for him again in 2024.

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@Hawaii_Jake Your hate of Trump isn’t doing you any good. Perhaps try thinking positive and uplifting thoughts. Good health. Stay strong. Aloha brother.

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@gondwanalon Of course I’m not talking about Biden. If the Republicans had put up a real person instead of trump in the last election, this whole outcome would probably have been much different. But as it was, Biden was the lesser of two evils in my mind.

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The good thing about this last election (2022) is that it showed Republicans that an endorsement from Trump is not a guaranteed win, in fact it can hurt. A lot of former Trump fans are not Trump fans any longer.

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@chyna I think that is exactly what is most disturbing about politics in America today. I am cynical enough to accept the fact that it may have always amounted to a forced choice between the lesser of 2 evils. While the matter of individual integrity has all but been eliminated as a deciding factor in the fielding of conservative candidates, the very notion of competence itself is now ignored to such an extent that pronounced and open display of its direct opposite is the preferable trait toward electable viability. For the life of me, I cannot understand what this is about. Is it “this one is just too dumb not be genuine?” or “there’s absolutely no chance this one can outsmart us or pull the wool over our eyes?”

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In the end, I suppose it makes sense. It’s difficult to oppose the reasoning that dumb is genuine. You look at Walker and you know EXACTLY what you get.

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I mean, the Dems already had a majority, and with a GOP house, this race was pretty inconsequential, because the Senate’s one man majority (Manchin) isn’t important unless the House is passing things for him to consider. I know cheerleaders on both sides were trying to make it seem important, but it really wasn’t.

Is Walker yet another nail? I mean…sort of. If you are AT ALL open to the idea that Trump is electoral poison, you’ve already had SO MUCH EVIDENCE that he is electoral poison. You shouldn’t still be on the fence about it. But, if you’re not open to that idea…when is Walker going to convince you? Probably not.

Again, I know the national media DESPERATELY wanted this to be a big deal…but it really wasn’t. It WAS a big deal in 2020 when these Georgia runoffs decided the Senate and Trump sabotaged them for his own personal benefit. THAT was significant. This….Meh!

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It’s a big enough deal that the GOP allowed Walker (the Trump endorsed pick) as its remedy to the 2020 Trump eviction. Were I a Democratic strategist, I would hope Trump the Republican choice for President with Walker as veep (perhaps with the hope of siphoning off black voters). But then again, here’s hoping Ms. Green is also a strong contender. That too is in keeping with the powerful dictate that dumb is best.

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@Hawaii_Jake.. Please don’t sugar-coat it..tell us how you really feel!

I’m sorry I just had to…and I agree one million%


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I read this article in The Atlantic last night, and it sharply changed my view of that Senate race: Herschel Walker Is an American Tragedy

I’m still glad that Warnock won, but we owe a moment’s thought to someone who was cynically used and discarded like a soiled tissue.

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@Jeruba was he used? Or was he a willing pawn?

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@elbanditoroso….he is too dumb to be a willing pawn. He’d have to understand what a pawn is to know if he was one.
He was used, but too dumb to know he was being used.

Excellent article @Jeruba. Thanks for sharing.

Also fuck trump.

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From Jimmy Kimmel:

“Walker spent the day making one final push, which is unusual for him,” Kimmel said. “Usually, during the final push, he’s miles away from the hospital at a Waffle House telling a waitress she could be ‘the one’.”

Pointing to Walker’s past in the NFL, Kimmel told his audience, “Even though he’s a beloved local football hero, Herschel Walker has not exactly inspired passion among Republican voters,” before pointing to Walker’s actions, which are somewhat contradictory his platform, to put it lightly.

“Family values? He’s a serial domestic abuser with more kids than a Dave & Busters on a Saturday at noon. … Pro-life? He was Planned Parenthood’s customer of the year, I think,” Kimmel said. “Pro-law enforcement? He lied about being a cop, an FBI agent, he exaggerated his non-existent military service. Pro-business? He claimed his chicken factory employed 800 people. It employed eight people.”

Kimmel said that regardless of the results of Georgia’s election, he’ll miss the endless fodder Walker provided for his late night show.

“As a person who does a show every night, the idea that Herschel Walker won’t be on camera every day is sad to me, so whatever happens tonight, I just want to say it’s been a wild ride, thank you,”

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I was listening to the radio before, and one of the commentators made a comment about Warnock not paying child support.

Meanwhile, Walker had four kids (that we know of) by four different women, which apparently he did not support. Oh, the hypocrisy.

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From MSN/Business Insider.
“Herschel Walker’s son said his father ran in Georgia’s US Senate race after former President Donald Trump spent months demanding that he do so, even as others begged Walker not to enter the race over his “insane past.”

The Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Walker in the Senate runoff election on Tuesday. Walker’s campaign had been marked by allegations including that he paid for women to have abortions despite taking a strict stance against abortion access.

His son, Christian Walker, tweeted on Tuesday that his father had rejected calls not to run after Trump repeatedly told him to enter the race.

“The Truth: Trump called my dad for months DEMANDING that he run,” Christian Walker said. “Everyone with a brain begged him: ‘PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. This is too dirty, you have an insane past… PLEASE DONT DO THIS.’ We got the middle finger. He ran.”

He also accused the Republican Party of running his father in the election because of his skin color.

“Republicans, we say we don’t play ‘identity politics’ and then you ran this man mainly because he was the same skin color as his opponent with no background other than football,” he tweeted. “A boring old Republican could have won.”

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BTW, Fuck Trump Infinity

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@LuckyGuy – yep, it seemed like a cynical ploy to me: run a dumb African-American candidate. Would Liberals be willing to call an African-American dumb? Would racists get their bias confirmed by seeing a dumb African-American?

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@chyna The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U.S. Senate: age (at least thirty years of age); U.S. citizenship (at least nine years); and residency in the state a senator represents at time of election. Walker is qualified, he just lacks experience.

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Okay. But the voters have spoken for now.

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Don’t go away mad Trump, just go the hell away. And take Walker with you.

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