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What happened to my question?????? I asked a question about bullying in the workplace and socializing outside of the workplace. Would you fire them, blah, blah, blah and it's gone!

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) September 21st, 2008

What happened to my question? Why is it not showing anymore?

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Hey! I want to know too! I answered it and “blip” it was gone! What gives?

It didn’t seem out of line to me….?

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Me either snoopy…it was about working and socializing with someone in and out of the workplace. What gives? I was thinking of firing them, to those who want to know. I wanted to know of others thoughts!
What happened to my question?

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My question didn’t contain any of this….... why was my question pulled? Do I not deserve a respectful and decent answer?

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Check your email (have you verified it?). Alternatively, you can visit and edit it from there.

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Oh, so this question was pulled because I hadn’t verified my email?

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No, it was moderated, but we won’t send emails to tell you (if you’re not verified). I’m working on making the system a little better.

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Why was it moderated, what did I do wrong? What exactly about that question was offensive to Fluther or anyone here?

Email is verified

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(refresh the page to see my edits).

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I saw that question earlier. I didn’t go in to it because it wasn’t clear what you were asking. Seemed more like a statement. Perhaps that’s why it was moderated…...?

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No, it was enough of a question, I’ve seen much less of a question get answers here than the one I asked. People are emailing me, and telling me they understood it and it wasn’t offensive. I did edit the question, after someone answered and clearly explained it.
I see more to it. But, I don’t guess I will get the truth.

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I get confused about why some things are removed. Yesterday I asked a question and it was removed as too vague. I added what I felt was enough to make things clear, but it was never reposted.
It asked people what predictions they had for the future in their lives, the world, etc. Oh, well. It was nothing ground shaking.

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Yes, thank you Andrew… I will re-edit it to make it more clearer. I will take this as a learning experience and will make my questions more clearer in the future.

Well I have looked at the question, and there are question marks after my question, so I don’t understand how it could not be clear to people what I was asking. Regardless, ho hum.

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Fair enough. I’m just saying, what I read on the main page didn’t make it clear to me what the question was – but then, that may have just been me.

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If someone tells me that I am not clear, that is clear evidence to me that I are not clear.

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@gallicalled, I am not going to argue about it…some others who seen it, stated it was clear. It is all evident to me as to the why…no need to keep posting and stirring the pot.

Response moderated

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