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Can you keep a secret?

Asked by Guney (9points) September 21st, 2008

People often seem to say “yes” but can you really?

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No. Not going to lie. Never.

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it depends what it is! if its a really juicy one then probably not. but if it was my closest and dearsest friend then yes i could!

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It depends on the secret.

If it is “I just got my girlfriend an engagement ring! I’m going to propose!” Then, yes.

If it is “I hate my coworkers and I intend to take them hostage and bring about their demise!” Then, no.

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Yeah. What is it?

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yeah, probably juicy rumours like “OMG this person is gay” or “your girlfriend cheated on you, oops I’m not supposed to tell you that”

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For those questions….yes, I would and could keep my mouth shut.

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Normally, yes. If a friend asks me to not tell it to anyone, then I’d just erase it from my memory (that’s my secret to keeping a good secret). I’m very good at voluntarily forgetting things.

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I’m pretty good about keeping secrets; if course I tell my wife everyting.

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If it is someone else’s secret, yes. I had a job for a while where I was privy to company secrets and never leaked anything, but when the information became public and it was known that I had prior knowledge, others would try to get me to share information. While I don’t lie, I am pretty good at playing dumb.

In my current job, I am called in as a union rep if a teacher wants one at a disciplinary meeting and of course that has to be strictly confidential so I can usually put that information right into deep storage. However people gossip about who is seeing who and who is feuding with who and I am not averse to talking about that.

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Never tell me anything that you don’t want others to know. I tell people up front that I will most probably not keep a secret. I wouldn’t intentionally tell a secret but I deal with a lot of people and sometimes things slip. Don’t put me under pressure by keeping your secret.

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when i say yes, i can keep a secret, i mean it. if the person telling you the secret trusts you with the information, then you already respect that person and it stays confidential.

in cases of child abuse or life-threatening situations, the reaction should be in the best interest of the victim(s). and it just cant stay a secret.

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Yes I can. The way I see it; someone else’s secret is not my story to share, it’s their’s.
Having said that, I have chosen to tell once or twice because I decided it would do more harm not to tell.

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Oh yes, teachers are required to report some things but we usually tell a student why we have to legally report things. A few years ago there was a proposition on the ballot that educators, social workers and medical personnel would have to report people with questionable residency status. The law didn’t pass but if it had it would have been the most disobeyed law since Prohibition. Nobody was gong to share that secret.

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I have kept secrets I probably shouldn’t have. Sometimes it’s best to speak up.

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This is like the movie clue.

Wadsworth: Can you keep a secret?
Col. Mustard: Yes.
Wadsworth: So can I.

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Yep. I can with all honesty I can. The only times I’ve let one out is when it’s a danger to someone, seriously illegal, or wrong of them. You gotta trust your friends, who else have you got?

and i have some dirty little secrets locked away in my head too

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I can keep a secret as long as it doesn’t mean danger to the person them self or any other people around them.

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I can keep a secret. And I’m pretty damn good at getting people who tell me dangerous secrets to admit to them themselves.

For example, my sister’s husband has been abusing drugs and alcohol and her for the past year and a half. She just told me about it a few weeks ago after swearing me to secrecy. The only way for her to get out of the situation was to ask our parents for help. She refused. I’d promised not to say anything, so I couldn’t. It took me a couple of weeks, but I eventually got her to talk to them about it, and now they’re helping her out and she and her kids are safe. Or… safer. The guy is still a nut, and only a few miles away, but… it’s a start.

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@MacBean that must have been excrutiating for you. I wish your sis all the best

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So, uhhh…. does anyone have any secrets they wanna share with me? I promise I won’t tell

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I was going to say someone else’s, but not my own, but then I changed my mind.
Don’t tell me any secrets.

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I can, but I tell everyone, upfront, that my husband is the exception. I will not keep a secret from him.

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And naturally, a teacher told me she was pregnant today, and told me not to tell anyone….I am like, what? Is this a test??

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@rowenaz. The answer is yes. And the collective will be monitoring you closely….

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Her name is…....

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@rowenaz careful, careful

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I think it’s because I’m so self-centered that I’m not really interested.

The secret is easy to keep because I’m likely to forget it as soon as the person telling me about it has gone.

Besides…I have no friends.

Who would I tell the secret to?

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