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Why have I been seeing all of this strange crap on my internet news feed?

Asked by NoMore (668points) 6 days ago

I am running Microsoft Start and used to get normal news and weather. Last few months or so, lt has from strange to stranger. Nostradamus, man and dies and visits hell, Earth’s inner core had stopped spinning, all kinds of crazy crap. Reads like a grocery store tabloid. WTF

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I’m getting some of that, but it’s usually at the bottom of my news feed; I’d say it comprises about 10% of my reports.

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I just checked my feed, and I saw one article that “tickled my funny bone” (boomer for “amused me”): 40 Boomer Skills that Nobody Needs Anymore. ;p

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You guys made me scared of checking the news list on my computer…

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Send me a link to your feed, and I’ll inspect it for you! ;-o

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My news feed says sending links can trigger a nuclear Holocaust ; ) @Brian1946

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Did you click on any weird articles recently? If you click on one, the “algorithm” will try and send you down a rabbit hole, feeding you stranger and more “conspiracy”-oriented articles from then on.

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No but my youngest grandson and his girlfriend are in to all that and I let them use my lap top at times when their ipad thingies are charging. Keeps them entertained and off the streets. Didn’t think about that but that could explain it. I also get a lot of strange you tube crap too, about UFOs and big foot and crap I have no interest in..probably the kids as well.

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Do you mean fake news? You are just now seeing this stuff???

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@kritiper Not in the political Trump Cult sense, no. Just in the sense of paranormal Bloody Mary jumped off the mirror and bit my nose off, Time traveler said Putin will run for POTUS tabloid non sense. Even the Trumpites can’t be that strange. Hopefully

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If you click on any of that crap expect a lot more of it

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What kinds of stuff are you searching for on the internet?

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I only search old music and historical stuff I’m a history I say it’s probably my grand his girl friend they are into that stuff

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Oh, that’s me. My bad.

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old music and historical stuff

Did History Channel caught wind of you ~

Seriously though, I think I know where those things came from.

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@NoMore did you say you got news about “Nostradamus, man and dies and visits hell”? Those things can masquerade themselves as “history”, as you can see with History Channel. I bet that because you searched for history stuff, the fake “history” stuff was picked up by the algorithms and they showed it to you thinking it was “history”.

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Don’t let others use your phone. They don’t care if they click on stupid shit that gets you a virus.

Also, on Facebook, make sure your stuff is set to “friends only” and not public. Don’t comment on public posts. Don’t click on weird links on Facebook.

I am annoyed with myself because I commented on a public post, an animal welfare site where they talked about the cat having to be euthanized, and then some spammer from India tagged me and about 50 other people who commented. The spammer just tagged us with his link, which i didn’t click on, but I am still annoyed with myself for commenting on the public animal welfare post.

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I got a message from my Cuz in Oklahoma that someone has hacked FB and is sending nasty sexually suggestive shit to women and making it appears it came from a contact. Starting to ponder dumping that FB account.

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