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Which do you prefer, Facebook or MySpace? Why?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) September 22nd, 2008
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I prefer Facebook because the profile pages are much less tasteless and tacky, and are far less likely to start my computer playing music.

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Facebook, though not by all that much. MySpace lets people do too much with it; annoying music players you can’t turn off, eye splitting color themes and background and all the other junk like that irritates the hell out of me. However, I don’t think it’ll be long before Facebook is that bad too.

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Well I did like Facebook because it seemed more grown up, but I hate the “New Facebook”. It makes me want to stay away from it.

I don’t dig MySpace. It seems to chaotic for me.

Although, I didn’t think I’d like Facebook until I tried it.

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Facebook. Its a better “network” and I find Im hit on far less by pedophiles.

That can do a lot to sway a gal. :)

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I prefer Facebook over Myspace because Facebook just seemed like a much more mature site. Facebook has nice network features and I very much do not like it when I get friend requests from weird spam/porn related advertising profiles which is a Myspace problem. I do like the Myspace music page though with Artist music that can be demoed. I did dislike the new Facebook at first, but I am getting used to it now.

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I prefer MySpace because I’m so used to it by now and i really never got the hang of Facebook!

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Myspace….definately. Tho, it’s hard to find ppl on there. You also can create profile layouts, etc and really make it your space.

Facebook seems so childish. I used to have both, but deleted Facebook. It’s not that user friendly.

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@asmonet Why do pedophiles hit on you?

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Facebook, for two main reasons:
1) MySpace is where flash goes to die.
2) This.

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In person I’m clearly 22. In pictures however depending on the angle I can have quite the baby face.

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MySpace promotes such terrible web design. It’s pretty much a blight on the internet.

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I actually prefer vampirefreaks, but it’s for more of a specific community.

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I hate all of the social networking websites, but I find facebook to he the best of the bunch. It is the only one that I have a (barely used) account.

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Another vote for Facebook. Not only cause all of my friends are there, but because it makes it much easier for someone with as little patience as me to post stuff and find people.

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@Randy: What’s wrong with the new facebook? I keep hearing everyone complain, and I really just don’t get it at all.
It’s just same old facebook to me but so many people are getting their panties all in a bunch over it.

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Well, It just seems so much more complicated. In the old version, everything was set on the page and it was simple. Now you have to navigate through all the menus and whatnot just to see your applications. It’s just a big bother. I deleted most of my apps just because I think it’s dumb. I mostly just use it to keep in touch with old friends now, which works.

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facebook is for better….but by the way i hate that new facebook,too. It changed everything where we used to it.

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Facebook… I love the new facebook. It keeps me organized…

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@Randy: aren’t all the apps just on the right side of the page? and on the bottom little bar thing as well?
oh well, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I just like the new one as much as the old.

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I much prefer Facebook to Myspace. I have both and always will, but I use Facebook far more often. I do something on Facebook at least 15 times a day, but I only even log into Myspace maybe every other day.

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+ follow up.

Sorry, I got distracted. I should have answered why I prefer Facebook to Myspace.

Facebook is much, much more convenient for finding people. You can easily search through people’s friends for a specific name, after meeting someone through a friend, and the networks function allows for convenient sorting of people. Also, since people actually use their real names on Facebook, it is also more convenient! (Myspace “names” are littered with song lyrics and bizarre nicknames…)

I also have always been repulsed by the layout of Myspace. It still boggles my mind why such a profitable website refuses to employ a web designer who understands the meaning of user friendly. Everything is cluttered, ugly, and inconvenient on Myspace.

Facebook has some smart people working for it, and even if its changes seem annoying at the time, they’re really thinking ahead as to what will be most beneficial for their users in the long run. I think Facebook is incredibly useful and well designed, and I am a big proponent of the website. Myspace…not so much. I’ll still always have a profile there, as I often need to look at certain people who don’t have Facebook, but I just think Myspace is kinda trashy.

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Honestly, the people that actively complain or even care enough about the new Facebook to try and change it back are the minority, though a lot of them don’t seem to realize that. I’m sicking of seeing a few thousand people claim that because they’re pissy that the opinions of the millions of other users are invalid. I don’t mean that to be a slam on all the people that dislike the layout (so please don’t take that the wrong way Randy, Panspermia, and whoever else might have mentioned their dislike), but it’s irritating just how militant people seem to be getting over a website. And I bet that the majority of those people, if they actually paused for a moment, took a deep breath and relaxed, would be okay. It’s a little disorienting at first, but the new layout isn’t all that different and will take only a bit to get used too. Instead, they rant and bitch and moan and generally just take themselves and their online space way too seriously.

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Facebook, because I had a MySpace stalker and he creeped the fuck out of me. He knew way too much about me. So I deleted my account and never went back.

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Facebook. MySpace has too much music and wild layouts that you have to dig through to get to what you want. I do like MySpace for band pages but not for personal stuff. My teens love MySpace, probably because it has loud music and wild layouts.

I liked the old Facebook, but I am now used to the new Facebook (and wouldn’t want to lose everything I added which I would if I switched back), so I don’t have any real druthers. I am resisting the new Yahoo, however.

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I like them both, facebook is kinda boring compared to myspace, but i do put more of my pictures on it, it’s just easier to have both for me.

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I have both, but I prefer Facebook and use it more often.

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