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Can anyone give me ideas for some soft foods post oral surgery?

Asked by janbb (62560points) February 15th, 2023

I’m fed up with yogurt and even ice cream. And chocolate pudding. Had some apple sauce and soup last night. I need to keep on this for another day or two.

I don’t eat eggs and I don’t like oatmeal. I’m thinking of buttered noodles for supper but could use some suggestions.

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Can you run some favorite soups through the blender, maybe?

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All most any kind of rice dish, mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes, pumpkin, baked squash, couscous, stuffing, lots of soft foods. Not sure what you like?

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What about some fish such as grilled salmon?

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How about a meal replacement shake? Like Ensure or Boost?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Thanks but no thanks. It’s only for a few days.

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@janbb Ok. What about some bananas, or watermelon?

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Mashed potatoes and gravy. Cream of wheat cereal.

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Baby food.

I guess you’re allowed to have sugar and dairy? I’m usually not.

I usually go for the soup and pasta suggestions, if I eat anything. Mostly I don’t eat, just cling to my ice bag and whimper. And have a cup of tea.

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@Jeruba Well, this is going on for four days so I need a little more sustenance than a whimper – but less than a bang! I just had garlic buttered rotelli and spinach souffle with some melted Monterey Jack on it so I’m feeling a better more balanced.

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Oh, spinach souffle, what a great idea! Stouffer’s? I hope I remember that for next time.

And I was serious about the baby food. A couple of jars of Gerber’s junior vegetables and beef, plus a little salt, could fix you right up. Wish they still made vegetables and bacon, my favorite from baby-feeding days.

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@Jeruba Yeah – Stouffers. I had it in the freezer.

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Miserable not being able to eat solid food for an extended period.

Do you need to avoid hot foods? If not, maybe some split pea soup?

Someone else mentioned mashed potatoes, I thought of that too.

Tiramisu and other cakes with cream, but eating lots of sweets gets old after a while, and not very healthy.

Refried beans, but I know you can’t have chips with it, so I don’t know how appealing it is, but at least it has some protein.

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Oooh Chocolate covered doughnuts. Or cream filled. Or cream filled chocolate covered doughnuts. In Canada they are called Bismarcks or Long Johns.

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My mom does an amazing chicken soup, involving putting a chicken in the pot, which was grand after my oral surgery.

Any soft soups.

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Another vote for soup?

Is it the taste or consistency that you don’t find appealing about oatmeal? If it’s the taste and not the consistency, maybe rice porridge or grits?

Flan or custard?

Feel better soon, penguin!

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I live on protein shakes and cottage cheese when I have dental procedures. Hope it passes quickly.

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Thanks guys. I have been doing soup but need to load up on more. Hummus was also mentioned on a website.

And @flutherother you gave me a good idea for supper. I’ll get a piece of salmon at the store and bake it and have it with mashed potatoes and the rest of the spinach soufflee.

Thanks all!

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When I was little, my grandmother, who was Czech, used to give me noodles and cottage cheese. I loved it. Also, a neighboring family who were European used to feed their son noodles, cottage cheese and poached or boiled pears, which I also loved as a child. It covers several food groups when you think about it.

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Cream spinach. Marshmallows.

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I got inspired and I’m making butternut squash soup to have for lunch!

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Lunch at the penguin’s house!

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I’ll bring (soft) cake!

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I’ll bring ice cream!
(Soft) cake a la mode. :D

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Dang it! Immersion blender wouldn’t work until I read the effing manual. In the meantime, I put the soup to be blended in the food processor and that didn’t work!

Everyone is invited over for soup but you have to clean the kitchen first!

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Happy to clean if you play some good music to clean to. :D

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