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My car's "belt's" light came on today, what could that mean?

Asked by asmonet (21433points) September 22nd, 2008

I drive a 1996 Mazda Protege LX. Sometimes the engine belts squeal like a pissed off piggy when I turn it on, the a/c compressor is a dud but basically it’s fine. Today halfway through my two mile drive to work the red ‘BELTS’ light came on with the little picture of a passenger, sometimes it goes away particularly when I shift my safety belt. I tugged on the belt to make sure it still locks up when pulled, it does. Other than the light I have noticed no significant changes. Any ideas on what it is? How much I should pay to get it checked or how much to get it fixed? Is it very dangerous? I’m a complete damsel in distress when it comes to things that go vroom.

(I know the a/c and engine belts probably have nothing to do with it, just trying to be thorough.)

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Did you look in yourr car’s manual about what that indicator light is for?

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I don’t have the manual didn’t come with the car, and I can’t find one online, not without paying, and being young and broke isn’t helping me. :)

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It’s time for a belt?

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The engine belts are new, I’m relatively certain it’s referring to my safety belt as when I move about in the car while wearing it the light flickers on and off. Not to mention it has a picture of a little man strapped in.

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Either the sensor is faulty (more likely) or your seat belt is not functioning (shoulad have that checked).

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I would assume it’s simply a short in the seat belt indicator somewhere. I’ve never heard of a car (especially not a 96) that had an indicator for the belts in the engine.

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Seatbelts carry a lifetime warranty, so Mazda is always liable for any issues you have as far as maintaining your safety is concerned.

This sounds like it could be a simple electrical issue which may not be covered unless you’re particularly persuasive.

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Oh, your seatbelt sensor is most likely located underneath your seat. Should be a couple wires running from the carpet to the bottom of the seat with a plastic connector. Unplug it, make sure the connection is tight and try scrubbing it with a toothbrush and a little isopropynol to clean out any grime.

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I didn’t know that about seatbelt warranties, is that with any make of car like a law?
I just cleaned my car and had to tug some items out from under my seat, considering what you’ve told me, I’m pretty sure I did this to myself. Tomorrow morning I’ll definitely double check all that. I guess I knocked it loose?

trust me, im a young redhead, with boobs, so long as i dont get the one chick working at a car place i can flirt my way through a negotiation, may not be right, but it works

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lifetime warranty on safety belts.
Take it to the dealer just for that.

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Yes, as far as I know, there has always been a lifetime warranty on seatbelts. Let us know what happens.

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Thanks everyone, the sensor was loose just as CameraObscura suggested. Thank you all, my car is once again chugging along happily.

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It means you need a good, stiff belt. Preferably whiskey. Avoid the cheap stuff, go straight for the Makers Mark.

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Was that helpful in any way?

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Did you reset the computer when you installed the new belt. Obviously it does not know that it is new. I am clueless how it could tell about your belts unless it is on a millage timer. If it is it should go away. What does the repair manual have to say about it?

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@walterallenhaxton: If you look a few posts above yours, you’ll see the problem was the wiring being knocked loose under the seat when I cleaned my car. I pushed it back together and it was all better. But thanks for offering the help. :)

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