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Is it true that a woman never forgets her first love?

Asked by NoMore (3231points) March 21st, 2023

My daughter came over to visit today, and I overheard her talking to her mom about some clown named Anthony. I didn’t say anything at the time but when she left I asked my wife what was going on and who this Anthony clown is. She told me it was her first serious boyfriend and he had called her at work to “catch up”. She said a woman never forgets her first love. What the hell ever I don’t need some bozo hitting on my (married ) daughter.

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Well yeah! Sure is, how can one forget that?! Now that your daughter is married though, he shouldn’t be hitting on her. WTH?! You better open up that can of you know what!

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The sisterhood has it’s secrets. And it’s facts. Women are different from men, if you’ve ever read the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” From what I know about women, yes, it’s true.

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@Dig_Dug. Right? And she may be 43 yrs old and an adult but in my mind she’s still my baby girl. I still have pics of her as a toddler running around in a little terry cloth onesy with a shooky face from eating candy.

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And she always will be @NoMore ! You keep that shooky face close and never let her go! :)

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Thing is I don’t remember the guy. But that was a hell of a long time ago too. My wife said he remembers him, maybe so. But I don’t.

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STOP being a jealous daddy & TRUST your daughter. At 43, she’s a grown ass woman!!! Yes, she will always be your little girl, but your little girl grew up in spite of all your efforts. If this guy can come between your daughter & her husband, there’s bigger problems in that marriage than you’re willing to see. It’s been 60 years since my first love…IF he called today to “catch up”, I’d be willing to go to dinner with him. Not because I wanted to reopen a romantic relationship, but because I’d love to see what he turned into. I have absolutely NO feelings for him now, but I do remember how wonderful he made me feel at the time. Those days are long gone!!! I’m sure you raised an intelligent daughter & I’m just as sure that she’s feeling flattered that he wants to “catch up” & I bet she has NO interest in anything more than curiosity of what she didn’t miss.

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Sort of.

Mostly, we never forget the feeling that we were in love. Remembering the guy (or girl) is kind of coincidental – because they were just the first.

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I mean, everyone remembers their first love. I remember most major life events and I have one y chromosome. How forgetful do you think men are?

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My daughter needs to be forgetful. Not concerned about anyone else. Just went thru something similar a few years back when she flew to Carolina to hook up with some shit bird she met online thru one of those dating apps. Thought I would have a heart attack when I found out about that. Fortunately nothing happened and she came home and remarried her ex.

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There’s no harm in remembering but no need to “catch up” especially as your daughter is married. However, your daughter is a big girl now and you have to let her live her life. The fact she didn’t tell you directly shows she probably already knows how you feel about it.

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Well, I haven’t. I think that’s just natural. Don’t men remember their first love?

Of course, there are different possible definitions of “first.” I’m counting the sweet little boy that I had a considerable crush on in fourth grade. But there was also the first one this and the first one that, on up to the first (and only) one I married. I don’t think I’ve forgotten any.

Do you mean to suggest that all those attractive young men have all forgotten me?

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@Jeruba That question has occurred to me before. (“Don’t men remember their first love?”) Yes they do. First and last names and what they wore that was most liked.

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I hope that women never forget any loves. The first one is different from the others though.

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When I get one I’ll let you know :)

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Cool, just careful on the dating apps. : )

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Oh I must stay away from those for now. School comes first! :)

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And welcome back @RayaHope

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Hi @NoMore How are you? ((HUGS))

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Great and very happy you are back, hugs back at ya !!!

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