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Has anyone had a "short" baby that grew up to be average height?

Asked by chinchin31 (1873points) 2 months ago

I am a bit worried. My one year old is only 70 cm which puts him on the low end according to doctors. Should I start worrying?. Could the fact that he was sick alot for his first 2 months at the daycare contribute to this?. He went to the daycare at 10 months old.

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.y first baby was short as a baby. He went through growth spurts during puberty and ended up over six feet tall.

One of my brothers was the same.

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I was premature and so was small as a baby. I’m now 5’10“ish. Which is a bit above average.

I would not stress about his height. All it does is eliminate the NBA as a potential career choice.

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A friend of mine had twin preemies who only weighed about 1 pound each. They were so tiny that their dad would lay them in the palm of his hand on their back & their little legs dangled over his wrist. They are in their 30’s now. The first out is 6’ 5” with is brother coming in at 6’ 3”. I don’t see that as “average height”...very tall if anything!!!

I don’t know if my brother was short when he was born (he was shorter than me) , but I do remember him growing 4 inches between 13 & 16. He’s 5’ 11” now.

This might be a question for your child’s pediatrician because they will have the records indicating their progress over the child’s lifetime.

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What height are the parents?

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My husband was premie, he weighed 2 kilos when he was born, and my MIL says he was scary small. He is the tallest one in the family! He is 5’10”. I don’t know how tall he was at the age of one.

The height of the parents and the access to good nutrition typically is a good indicator of how tall someone will wind up, but if you have concerns obviously talk to your pediatrician.

Sick for two months is a long time, was it Pertussis? There are asthma drugs that stunt growth.

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All babies are short. It doesn’t necessarily matter if both parents are short, my son is 6’3 but his father and I are both under 5’8.

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That doesn’t seem so short. One of mine was born 17”. She was slow to start growing too. Doc tested for a disease that stunts growth but it was negative. She grew to be 5’0”. That’s somewhat short but I am also short.

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@jca2 I am short 5 ft1in and hubby around 5 ft 9. Okay we are not supertall. I just do not remember my other son who is also shorter than average, falling off the growth curve at 1. Thanks for your responses. For those that were curious, he was sick repeatedly at daycare with a stomach virus that had reduced his appetite for a couple months.. Thanks anyways!!! :)

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I think pediatric endocrinologists sometimes specialize in growth if you are very concerned. They would be focused on hormones. There are maybe other specialties that also evaluate growth, I’m not well versed in the area. Maybe a pediatric orthopedists? That’s a GUESS from me.

Your child is still very young, I don’t know how much doctors can predict at this age. Here’s are several methods doctors use.

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I googled it just to have a “real” answer and I see genetics does or can play a part, as does nutrition. That doesn’t mean that short parents are guaranteed to have a short child, but it can.

He is young. I wouldn’t fret about it and I wouldn’t look to give him hormones. I don’t even think any doctor would give hormones to a baby.

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I was told by a pediatrician when my son was young that height usually follows the father’s or the paternal grandfather’s pattern. We were also told that often if puberty arrives later, the boy is taller and my younger son is taller than my older son. I am 5’1” and my husband is 6” and the boys are 5’9” and 5’10”.

I wouldn’t worry about the two months when he was sickly having an influence on his development. Often children will go through a period of illness like that.

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My mom had me, at 7.5 months.
I’m the tallest of the family, at 6’5”.

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