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Which is the best provider for digital signature solutions?

Asked by markush (2points) September 22nd, 2008

I would be interested to compile a list of the three best digital signature / electronic signature solution providers.

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The CoSign Digital Signature solution is a fine solution, especially for a large number of users (signers). CoSign is produced by ARX Inc. ( from San Francisco. CoSign allows signing of Word, Excel, PDF (Adobe), InfoPath, Web forms, and many other types of documents and forms. The ARX site has a fairly large number of flash demos that show how the solution works for various applications, file types, and environments. Hope This Helps.

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@AmitAha I read a lot about this digital signature service online, while was looking for a secure, reliable service for our company. They do seem promising, I’ll tell you that much. They have really big partners like Microsoft, IBM etc. and customers like The European Court of Human Rights (!) Also, last week I finally got to to see how it works for myself, cause it always seemed a bit mysterious to me. I work often with PDF files and not having to print them out, sign, notarize and ship over, would change my work completely. And then today I decided that if it’s good enough for the City of Amsterdam it’s good enough for my little firm. ;-)

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