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What happened to the Loch Ness Monster?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15827points) May 2nd, 2023

May 2, 1933, was the day the Loch Ness Monster was observed for the first time. It seemed to pop up every few years after that. I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard of the Monster showing itself. So, now I’m wondering where did it go? Did I miss something? Did the myth get debunked? What can you tell me about Nessie?

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I had a very close friend who was born into aristocracy on the shores of Loch Ness. He often told me that everyone in his family had seen the monster but him. I used to be fascinated with it and Bigfoot, but I have lost some interest. I haven’t heard any new news lately either. Perhaps that’s more due to other news being more pressing.

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Nessie is still around. It was evident on Apple Maps in 2014 as a large object below the surface of the water.

An earlier (2011) video showed a “mysterious wave” in the loch. The wave was produced by a 4.5 m (15 ft) “solid black object” just under the surface of the water.

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According to this Wikipedia article , scientists have concluded that there is no Loch Ness Monster

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^^^Party pooper. :-p

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The Loch Ness Monster doesn’t appear much in social media these days and doesn’t have a Twitter account but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared. It appears almost every full moon at midnight below the cliffs of Drumnadrochit.

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Um there’s new 2023 video if you Google Loch Ness 2023. Kinda looks small for Nessie but I’m no expert.

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He / she doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook account, still there in Scotland

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We won’t get to know for sure until they drain the swamp.

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^^ So you’re saying when hell freezes over???

@Hawaii_Jake People in my area are obsessed with Bigfoot. I’d love to live long enough to see one…just not up close!!!

@zenvelo & @flutherother I hadn’t heard about either of those sightings. Thanks for the info!!!

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I heard that Nessie was last seen hanging out with the Chupacabra and Bigfoot down around Saragossa.

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^^^ Gee, another party pooper! :-p

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I guess that we now know where Trump steaks are from.

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Eloped with Sasquatch.

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The initial monster was most definitely an admitted hoax. However, odds are that there are some big sturgeon in the lock. Sturgeon can get huge and look like prehistoric monsters.

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<—- Engineer. Definitely a party pooper

The commercially available Kraken Robotics Synthetic Aperture Sonar has a resolution of 1.9cm x 2.1 cm – the size of a postage stamp. Unless Nessie can squeeze itself into a long tube that size and continue to aim itself at the sonar head it will be seen.
Of course you can use much cruder stuff with resolution in the 1–2 meter range – and people have used it for decades. Simply, Nessie has not been seen by reliable sources.

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It’s still around. Hasn’t gotten much press lately but it hasn’t gone anywhere. There are also reported sightings of similar creatures in Iceland and in American and Canadian lakes.

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It’s not real @NoMore.

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Tell Nessie that @Dutchess_III it will eat you up for supper. : )

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Speaking of Synthetic Aperture Sonar and image processing…
Have you seen the recent 3D images of the Titanic?

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@LuckyGuy Awesome images.

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@LuckyGuy Rumor has it that they strapped the Aperture Sonar to the Loch Ness monster and sent her down to photograph the Titanic. That’s why it’s so haunting.

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@gorillapaws And you just wrote it on the internet so it must be true.

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@gorillapaws Ahhh. I get it! Nessie was behind the camera the whole time! That makes perfect sense.
Quick! Someone tell Epoch Times!

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~@gorillapaws The camera controls had to be heavily modified. Large paddles were added to the shutter button and focus rings so Nessie could access them with her front flippers.

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