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Do you enjoy seeing the outlandish fashions at awards shows like the Oscars and the Met Gala?

Asked by janbb (62792points) May 2nd, 2023

I get a kick out of seeing the pictures the day after of what celebrities wore. The outfits seem to be getting more and more outlandish, particularly those at the Met Gala, the event that opens the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion exhibit each May.

Here’s some of them. Over the top, pretentious and expensive but I still get enjoy seeing them.

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The Oscars are the gay Superbowl. I eat up the red carpet. My best friend and I chatted for an hour yesterday about the Met Gala. Love it!

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@Hawaii_Jake Some of the guys were amazing. Jeremy Pope! And Jared Lehto!

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There really is no comparison between the Oscars and the Met Gala.

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@filmfann Well, I made the connection because I enjoy seeing the costumes in each. Do you mean because the Met Gala ones tend to be more outlandish? Can you elaborate?

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Another couple shows that get wild are the MTV Awards and the Grammys!

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Yes. It’s like Halloween for adults.

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When it’s too extreme I don’t enjoy it.

If you love beautiful fashion I highly recommend the the documentary Valentino: The Last Emporer. It’s interesting and he has a sense of humor and he is a master of women’s fashion. Just amazingly beautiful the design and detail. His seemstresses are amazing with their skill. His relationship with his SO is wonderful and real.

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Absolutely. Many are ridiculous and fun to look at. Some can be beautiful.

At the recent Met Gala, I thought Jared Leto wins for most silly. And, I have no idea how Florence Pugh kept that thing on her head.

On the other hand, I thought Keke Palmer, Ann Hathaway, and Pedro Pascal looked amazing.

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I enjoy the Oscar fashions more than the Met Gala fashions. I think of the Met Gala fashions as being somewhat like Halloween costumes, whereas the Oscar fashions and other award shows like Golden Globes are more just elegant and pretty.

I saw on the news (NYC news) there were people camped out outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the night before, so they’d get a good spot to watch the red carpet at the Gala.

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