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Would you tip?

Asked by seawulf575 (16421points) May 9th, 2023

You are getting a haircut. The stylist/barber does a good job and your hair looks good at the end. But the stylist/barber had zoo breath and was a mouth-breather throughout the entire thing. Your gag reflex was fully tested. Do you leave a tip or not? There is no wrong answer!

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Why would you tip a friseur? Is your culture that rotten already?

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Of course, I’d base it on the skill and product,. Why didn’t you say something? Dude may not know.

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The stylist/barber does a good job and your hair looks good at the end.
I went in for a haircut. Assuming that their breath had been acceptable up & until that day, YES I’d still tip!!! Just like I’d say something if I received a bad haircut, I would have commented on the breath early on if it was making me gag. If it smelled bad everytime I went, I’d change stylist/barber to someone who didn’t have the problem.

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I wear a mask at all times indoors outside of my home, so I wouldn’t be impacted. I’d tip as usual.

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Of course. I don’t judge people in that sense.

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I would not be able to handle it. I would ask the stylist to please chew gum or something. It was be embarrassing for her but actually be helpful to her. Or him. I would not return either.

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I would tip but I wouldn’t go back. I’d send him a note to let him know there is a problem.
Then I’d quietly take my business elsewhere.

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