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How do conspiracy theorists believe was caused the image on the Shroud of Turin?

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) May 15th, 2023

My guess is with body oils, hormones and other physiological chemicals. But I want to hear about their official version.

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Conspiracy theorists will say all kinds of stuff.

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Blood, supposedly.

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Bodily Fluids…oils, sweat, blood, etc.

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Which side are the conspiracy theorists?

The shroud is almost certainly a 14th century production and the image was most likely just painted on.

Fake religious relics were very popular in that era.

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Conspiracy theorists say that it was the blood of Jesus when he taken from the cross.

According to science it’s actually red ochre pigment in a gelatin medium.

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Other conspiracy theorists say it is an alien artifact, with only the Bavarian Illuminati knowing its true history. Everything else is a smokescreen deception.

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As far as I was ever concerned, it was a real artifact from the “appropriate” time frame and area.
Probably real bodily fluids, etc.
Maybe even from the face of a man named Jesus.

The only thing I know is there is no Christian God, or “Jesus” (at least not as described by religious texts.)
Any conspiracies, are likely in an attempt to make sure it somehow proves the religion authentic. Or I have a more realistic idea.
Whomever “created” the item, if it is a fake, likely did it to make money off of the gullible/religious…

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Radiocarbon dating sets the cloth at 1260–1390 AD, so the shroud had nothing to do with Jesus.

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In addition to what @Caravanfan said the first documented mention of the shroud is 1354 when it was being exhibited at some church in France. Bit of a coincidence that…

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I don’t think conspiracy theorists are a single entity with an official version of anything. It sure isn’t up to more rational folks to come up with explanations for whatever cockamamie notions the conspiracy mongers present.

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